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By the editorial staff of The Stampede

Dear President Trump,

By The Staff of the Stampede

Dear President Trump,

We the Stampede, we the youth, we the future, we the people are watching. We are watching with our eyes wide and our minds surging. We have a voice that is oftentimes overlooked but we have much to say. With our heads high and our voices magnified we want to inform you that our future is not a pawn in a political game. Our future is utterly and completely important. Our future will be the basis of what this country will build off of in the years to come. With this being said, we believe that as commander in chief you are obliged to hold your office with prestigious honor. You should display a character opposite of what we as young people feared during your campaign run. We hope that you will be a man who will uphold positive values that are rooted in unity, love, and equality. Despite all of the concerning issues we have we only pray that you will not continue to promote bigotry, hate, and division amongst people. We want this country to be a progressive land that will continue to take steps toward a clear future. Instead of building barriers it is better to destroy them. Instead of living in fear we should live harmoniously. We expect nothing but dignity for our country. You must not disrespect or shame the American youth by creating a desolate future. We want positive change, we want peace and we want security. As journalist we will tell the outright and absolute truth. In a time when an influx amount of information is at the reach of a fingertip it is hard to find truth in the darkness, we will deliver truth as it should be. As we have since the establishment of our publication in 1964 we will continue to report the principle of truth. We will also continue to uphold the values of our Holy Cross tradition and find hope in the cross. We will do all this because if today is not the time for truth and hope; then when will it be? So as you say Mr. Trump, Yes let’s make America great again…The right way. Let us remind you that America is the Land of The Free, The Home of the Brave and we will continue to search for complete freedom and stand in solidarity and bravery forever.

May God Bless You,

The Stampede

STAFF EDITORIAL: Homecoming Attire: Scandalous or Seemly?



It takes weeks of searching for a dress, hours of putting on make-up and styling hair, yet in simply seconds a faculty member could tell you to take that dress, hair, and make-up right back home because they don’t find it appropriate. Is preparing that much really worth going back home to sit on the sofa while your friends are having an evening at the dance that they will be talking about when Monday rolls around….?

Exactly. I didn’t think so. Why let something as silly as the dress you’re wearing ruin your night?

After the past homecoming, a letter was sent out to all students of our school community. This letter, addressed to all parents, referenced the fashion choices made by the women at the homecoming dance. The rule in the agenda book clearly states, “Students whose clothing styles are inappropriate or deemed to be too bare or immodest will not be allowed to attend the dance.” The Stampede finds that this rule is unnecessary unless it is enforced. Therefore, if this rule was implemented, people would take this matter more seriously.

Think twice before leaving the house in something that wouldn’t be appropriate. Don’t think that just because you’re covering more that you don’t look amazing. Less DOES NOT equal more. There are many outfits that fit the criteria of the dress code that could easily be seen worn by most celebrities. By “modesty” Mr. Clark is not saying you should be wearing a t-shirt and a skirt to the floor. He wants you to look good and in good taste.

So, for students, here’s some advice so that you don’t end up being the one turned away at the door for next dance. First, we see that depending upon your body type, height, etc., you know what you can pull off without it looking trashy or immodest. For example, the same dress worn by two different girls, one being four inches taller or a few sizes larger, may not look as tasteful. Therefore, consider your body type and know what looks good on you, not someone else. Second, ask yourself honestly if you think you would wear it to a nice event you’re going to with your grandmother. Would grandma look at you proudly and say what a beautiful young lady you are? Or would she offer to take out the hem on your skirt? Lastly, just be aware of the environment in which you will be; a Catholic high school dance, not a night club, and not in a music video. We want you to look good, but it’s not necessary to show too much in order to do so.

So ladies, let’s step it up and not let this be you at the next school event.


The staff editorial is authored through a group process. The Opinion Editors select one or more topics for debate by the staff. After the staff has discussed the issue and approached a consensus on the topic, the Opinion Editors write on behalf of the entire staff.  The staff then reviews and approves the final editorial before publication.

STAFF EDITORIAL: When is Spirit Week?



When Is Spirit Week?

The most exciting time of the year is here, and no, Santa Claus is not making his list and checking it twice. Spirit Week has come and gone, and no one seems to notice. Every year the hallways are decorated, the outfits are outrageous and alumni and students are proud to call Bishop McNamara their home. Yet, something has gone horribly wrong with the 2009 Spirit Week extravaganza.

Spirit Week 2009 took place from Oct. 12th to Oct. 16th, only three days of which were celebrated in school. On Monday, all students were off thanks to Columbus Day… minus one day. The first official day, Tuesday Oct. 13th, Spirit Week began with the traditional Homecoming liturgy where every student, teacher and faculty member dresses in their Sunday best. The following day, Wednesday Oct. 14th was national PSAT day for students. This gave the seniors yet another day off, while abruptly halting the underclassmen’s excitement… minus two days.

Technically, the first full-blown day of Spirit Week didn’t occur until three days into the week, on Wednesday Oct. 15th. Class color day engulfed the school as students expressed their pride in their classes through outfits, face paint and wild hair spray. The last of Spirit Week, but only the third day of celebration, fell on Friday Oct. 16th as Maroon and Gold day led into the pep rally to form school solidarity and excitement for the hopeful victories of games to take place in the coming days.

As Mighty Mac ran out and beat the O’Connell player, the school roared with excitement, but yet there was something missing. Typically, there are four days to get hyped up and find your “spirit” during the days leading up to pep rally. Yet with the lack of time to get into the mood, it was over as soon as it began.

Spirit Week should not be based off of the Football game alone. In the future, the administration should come together and look at the calendar and construct a more suitable week. Yes, the football game is a large point of the weekend, but there are also other sport events and activities to be kept in mind. BMHS should not revolve something as epic as Spirit Week around one specific thing such as football. There was a feeling of not only being cut short but missing out on a major part of the high school experience. The school needs to compensate in some way for the missed days and activities to all students. There is a hope and rumor of Holy Cross week. Hopefully, we will be able to celebrate the Holy Cross tradition through some of the days that were missed due to predetermined days off. It is understood that the administration did all they could, but for future weeks, the entire school needs to be kept in mind and not just the Football team’s chance of winning.

Another component that dampened the mood (pun intended) was the rain. All week it was cold and wet leading up to homecoming night. This made the mood of everyone dreary and lackadaisical. It seemed that this Spirit Week had a lot of things going against it.

The schedule for Spirit Week is based around the predetermined football game. It just so happened that this fell on the week of Columbus Day and PSAT’s. Everyone was not in the right mindset, and there was no class competition or much school solidarity because there was not enough time. There was an idea of moving Spirit Week activities to the week after Homecoming weekend, but alumni had already been notified and orders sent in; yet again, no one specifically was to blame, but nothing seemed to be coming together.

It felt as though the students were cut short, and were not able to experience the best week of the school year. The schedule for Spirit Week is based around the predetermined football game, it just so happened that this fell on the week of Columbus Day and PSAT’s. Not everyone was in the right mind set, there was a lack of class competition and our full potential for school solidarity was not reached as well as in other years. Why? Because, simply, there was not enough time to get there.


The staff editorial is authored through a group process. The Opinion Editors select one or more topics for debate by the staff. After the staff has discussed the issue and approached a consensus on the topic, the Opinion Editors write on behalf of the entire staff.  The staff then reviews and approves the final editorial before publication.




Week one: no sign of the book list online. Week two: still no sign of the book list. Week three: this is ridiculous. The number one problem with Bishop McNamara’s summer reading program is that we don’t have an adequate amount of time to read them all; it happens every year. The book list gets posted a month after school lets out. (The posting date online for the last summer’s assignments was June 26, 2009.) Our staff agrees that by this time in summer, some people are out of the country, on vacation or in some other place where they don’t have access to a computer or library. This causes the students to cram in two to five books in the last two months of summer.

Not only is there a delay in the posting of this list, but the separate reading requirements for classes such as AP and honors don’t go up the same time as the math packet and the summer reading. This is inconvenient for students and their parents who end up making multiple trips to the library or bookstore. We want a one-time, in-and-out trip with the list in our hands of all that is needed.

There should be a date by which the summer reading assignments for all classes are posted — all at once. Don’t stagger the pain. We don’t want a surprise in July or August that we actually aren’t finished because more assignments were posted online. The Stampede believes that the students should receive the book list or it should be posted before summer even begins.

We understand that teachers have challenging schedules, making it hard for them to meet a deadline date, but it’s expected of the student body each and every day — it’s called homework. We are giving you this assignment, months in advance. Summer reading list: due June 1st 2010.


The staff editorial is authored through a group process. The Opinion Editors select one or more topics for debate by the staff. After the staff has discussed the issue and approached a consensus on the topic, the Opinion Editors write on behalf of the entire staff.  The staff then reviews and approves the final editorial before publication.

STAFF EDITORIAL: Earth Conscious or Fashion Forward?

Julia Weaver '09 sits with her fashion forward bag. Photo by Jacqueline Wills '10.
Julia Weaver '09 sits with her fashion forward bag. Photo by Jacqueline Wills '10.


She’s strolling down the hall with her eco-friendly tote slung on her shoulder, and he sits at the lunch table dressed in his global warming awareness tee.  They sit down together and have lunch.  As they leave the cafeteria, she tosses her plastic bottle of water into the trash can and he throws away his Styrofoam cup. Wait, judging by their attire, aren’t they both living “Green” lives? Clearly, they are advocates for the Going Green Movement. But in recent years, the staff agrees that “going Green” has become a fashion trend more than anything.

People should back up their trends and not be posers.  Someone started it and everyone followed.  There are people who are concerned for the environment and its issues but for the majority of the people, that is not their main reason for doing it.  One day a person could be polluting, and the next day, you are Green. Everything’s a trend. Right now, going green is vogue because of the whole global warming crisis.  It is publicized with figures like Al Gore, celebrities and pop culture in general, so people naturally embraced it.   Some people are losing sight of the real meaning behind the movement. They want to seem like they care, and plus, Green stuff is cute.  It’s like the new definition of being a hippie.  They want to be seen like this and you can be considered eco-conscious if you put on a hippie headband, some sandals and a going Green bag; even if you do not have the knowledge to back up the fashion.  It has become just about buying Green clothes and bags because it is the new thing. However, it makes the problem more relevant.  The fashion brings attention to the environment.  By being ignorant and just following the trend, they are still spreading the issues.

Going Green is a fashionable and trendy, but at the same time, it makes people feel good because they believe that they are doing something helpful. It is a trend but it is like a good trend. When the fashion goes out of style, people will still remember the message that started it.  Since it is becoming a mindset and lifestyle, it will not die out like other trends.  Also, education has a lot to do with keeping the going Green movement alive.  People cannot be told, “Just put your cardboard in this bin,” without any idea of what they are actually doing.  If information about environmental conditions and concerns are spread to the youth generation through the celebrities, fashions and the media, then it will stick with them not just as a fashion statement but as a movement that will affect generations to follow.

Note: Staff Editorials represent the majority opinion of the staff, as debated in the newsroom.  The final editorial is then authored by Samantha Ahwah ’09, Op-Ed Editor.

EDITORIAL: Who’s Responsible for Healthy Choices?

Staff Editorial

This year when you go into the lunch line all you ever want is pizza, French fries and a soda, skip the salad, hold the dressing, and keep the extra change for the same lunch tomorrow. But do you jump into line thinking that you’re going to buy the most unhealthy, artery clogging, greasy food? Because it is also cheap and so delicious. You could possibly be thinking, “I would love to buy something healthy, but there are only two types of salad and they are way too expensive for me; I’ll just stick with the fries…”

It is our responsibility, if we are given options, to make smart choices. The healthy food shouldn’t be more expensive, and the fries should not be so much cheaper. It is the students’ responsibility because the cafeteria currently has a light system to display healthy choices. The bad foods have a red light while the healthier foods have green ones. Therefore, students are fully aware of what kind of food they are purchasing when they pick it up.

However, it is a communal effort. All the food should be priced reasonably priced, but it’s our responsibility to make the right choice and the school’s responsibility to provide a health conscious lunch provider. There are two types of salad in the cafeteria and yet many more unhealthy choices, you can have your pick of fries, ham or cheese burgers, maybe even a chicken sandwich or some pizza. Students are limited in their nutritional choices, and the unhealthy foods always seem to be more favorable, in terms of cost, taste and presentation. A lot of kids in America have this same problem because the choice is there but the decision is so hard to make. The cafeteria needs more choices not just pizza, French fries or a Caesar salad. Sure, it is our responsibility, but if we have no healthy options then what are we supposed to do? There are only two types of salad, garden or Caesar but there can be more choices like rice, baked chicken and vegetables. The school needs to provide us with the options so that we can make the choice to eat healthier. Students are never happy when options are limited. Last year, the cafeteria limited us to choosing fries only two times a week, but at least we were forced to eat healthier.

Of course, the salads are expensive because fresh vegetables will always be more expensive than grease soaked fries and a lot of this has to do with the state of the economy. In the cafeteria, you can buy a chicken sandwich, soda and fries or a Caesar salad. The healthier option? The salad, of course. The cheaper option? The unhealthier choice, no doubt, the chicken sandwich with fries plus a soda. It is more food and less money but a lot more calories, fat and definitely less healthier than the salad option.

In our cafeteria, the bad stuff looks better. You walk into the cafeteria; the pizza is glowing radiantly under a light while the healthier options sit on top looking a lot less appetizing. You even have to make a conscience effort to stop and look for those healthy little entrees. Do you want a healthy meal? How about just a few pieces from it, like just the chicken or the vegetables alone? Sorry, you can’t, try buying the whole meal because that’s your only option. Collectively, the staff thinks that Sage wants our money for those cost effective, unhealthy foods they provide, but the school really is concerned about our health which is why the administration changed to this company.

The biggest thing that the staff was concerned about was the options provided and the variety of the healthy foods given. What ever happened to the Paninis?! If a wider variety was given, then we would not be arguing about this in the first place. Ultimately, students need to take care of themselves; you cannot rely on someone to hold your hand and make the right decision for you. Grow up and make a decision. Bring your lunch, pay the extra few dollars for a salad, or even talk to administration about having some more healthy choices in the cafeteria. You could even opt to buy the unhealthiness, because health costs. Bottom line, it really is your choice and although the healthy options are limited, they are available, so make the best decision for yourself!