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Mustang Football Takes Care of Business at Home against PVI

Photo taken by Eric Darnell ’12

Anthony Brown ’12
Sports Editor

The Mustangs had a great home win in convincing fashion against PVI last Saturday winning by 19 points with  a score of 38-19.  The Mustangs cames out of the gates hot scoring on their first possession with a 63 yard pass from Varsity Junior Quarterback Milan Collins ’13 to Varsity Senior Wide Receiver Tony Squirewell Jr. ’12. PVI came back and scored on their first possession as well but missed the extra point making the score 7-6 Mustangs in the first quarter.In the second quarter, the only scoring that was accounted for was another touchdown and missed extra point by PVI which made the score  12-7 going into half time.

In the 3rd quarter, PVI got the ball first and scored again, at the end of the quarter the score 19-7. In the 4th quarter, the Mustangs truly showed what they were made of, shutting out PVI 31-0 in the final quarter which sealed their 38-19 victory. Some note-worthy stats were The Mustangs Quarterback Milan Collins passing for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns on 13 attempts as well as a 75 yard rushing touchdown. John Hopkins ’12, Tony Squirewell Jr. ’12 and Adam Gilles Jr. ’13 contributed to the passing game with a touchdown from each of them. The Mustangs rushing game was outstanding as well. They combined for 34 carries, 233 yards and 2 touchdowns. Adam Gilles Jr. added 17 carries and 111 yards to go along with his 3 receptions, 32 yards, and 1 receiving touchdown.  The Defensive side of the ball also had a part in the victory with two game changing interceptions from Cornerbacks Tyler Lindsay ’12 and George Battle ’13 and the Mustangs added a fumble recovery for a touchdown to their great defensive play as well.

The Mustangs played an outstanding game of football to get the their first win of the season and have a record of 1-1 on the year. They truly shown they have weapons on the offensive side that can put points on the board and a defense that can catch fire and create turnovers at any given moment. They go on the road to play their first WCAC conference match-up against the St.John’s Cadets on Saturday September 27th.

Buzzer not operated by either team, in controversial DeMatha game

A good game all the way through ended with a controversial call
(Alexis Jenkins ’11/THE STAMPEDE)

By Anthony Brown ‘12
Staff Writer

The championship-like rematch between the McNamara Mustangs and DeMatha Stags, held last Tuesday at the Showplace Arena, ended with a controversial call that left McNamara fans and players stunned, upset and wanting answers.

Teacher Mr. Jeffrey Southworth, the announcer for Bishop McNamara basketball, said that during the Seton game the person controlling the clock was having trouble handling the horn (or “buzzer” if you will) and officials had to be called  over countless times when the game clock and shot clock weren’t in sync with one another. To his knowledge, that individual wasn’t affiliated with either team  — Bishop McNamara’s shot clock and game clock handlers were denied access and told to sit in the fan section. Because of the those complications with the shot and game clock, they were seperated and worked on two seperate devices.

A quick recap of what happened:

Coach Martin Keithline stated that the game plan for DeMatha was to spread their team out and use the Mustangs  quickness off the dribble to get to the basket. Also, zone defense and high pressure were going to be key because of DeMatha’s size down low and the quickness  of their guards. The Mustangs certainly did that coming out strong on both sides of the ball, giving them a 3 point lead which increased to 7 by the end of the first quarter which led to a score of 16-9.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs kept their lead with strong play from Ibn Muhammed ‘11, Marcus Thornton ‘11, Callon Dailey ‘11 and Stephan Jiggetts ‘13. The Mustangs ended the first half with a 35-21 score.

The strong play of Dailey and Thornton helped the Mustangs hold on to a 9 point lead in the third quarter and the score at the end of the third was 49-40.

However, the fourth quarter was when problems arose. The Mustangs defense was overpowered by DeMatha’s size and the game got close a few minutes in. It was a back and forth battle down to the final seconds. With 1.9 seconds left to go after a missed shot by Ibn Muhammed ‘11, DeMatha called a timeout. During the Inbound play, the ball was thrown all the away across court and then Dematha got a shot off but it missed and the game was going in to overtime, so the fans, players and coaches thought.

Some how DeMatha called another timeout but what was strange about that was the referee next to DeMatha’s bench couldn’t hear the timeout being called but a referee all the way across the court heard it and 3 seconds were put back on the game clock. The game ended with Dematha getting a rebound tip-in which fell through and the game was over.

The Mustangs have only a few games left on the schedule, but nevertheless they hope to get a chance to build momentum going into the playoffs.

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DeMatha Wins Controversial Game at the Buzzer

Marcus Thornton '11 rises over a DeMatha player for a shot during the first half of the game, part of a doubleheader matchup against DeMatha/Seton on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at the Showplace Arena. (Matt Nunez '12/THE STAMPEDE)


By Andrew Feather ’13
Staff Writer

DeMatha vs. McNamara part two, the Showdown at the Showplace, and game of the year — all names used to describe last night’s contest between heated rivals, and the game didn’t disappoint. It was a game of two halves, with McNamara dominating the first and DeMatha controlling the second in a contest that went down to the buzzer, literally, as DeMatha walked away 56-54 winners.

With about 5.5 seconds left in the game and the score notched at 54 apiece, McNamara’s Ibn Muhammad drove to the hoop and threw up a layup attempt that missed. With 3.5 seconds left in the game, DeMatha unleashed a full court shot that missed, sending the game into overtime, or so it seemed.

A livid Mike Jones ran onto the court explaining to the refs how he was trying to call a timeout. One of them must have seen Jones, because one second, which later changed to three, was added back to the game clock.

With one last chance, James Robinson inbounded the ball to Mikael Hopkins, who may or may not have traveled (see video), and the Stags proceeded to call timeout with .9 seconds on the clock. Once again, the refs added time to the clock and DeMatha had one last play with 1.9 seconds remaining. Robinson inbounded the ball to Hopkins once again, but Hopkins couldn’t gain control of the ball. Junior guard Marcellous Bell was able to get possession and score as time expired (another video). The refs scurried off the court as DeMatha celebrated a controversial 56-54 victory.

When asked about it, many McNamara players felt cheated out of a win. Senior guard Jonathan Middlebrooks said, “At the end of the game when he shot the ball, the clock ran off and they put three seconds back on. Then after that when they threw the ball in and got across half court, it was 0.9 seconds and they put one more second back on the clock. They just kept putting time on the clock. I feel they cheated us out of a win. We definitely played hard the whole game. We will get them back next time.”

DeMatha players, on the other hand, didn’t seem so sure the outcome was unfair. Bell, who hit the game winner said, “I’m not sure they were cheated because we were down by so much at halftime and we just came out and hustled more and played well the entire second half.” He also said, “It felt good [to hit the winning shot], but I’m just glad we came in here and got the win.”

To start this game, unlike McNamara’s game at DeMatha on January 6, it was the Mustangs that had a hot start, jumping out to a 14-6 lead, including back-to-back three pointers by Marcus Thornton (William & Mary) to cap off the run. Add in a three pointer from DeMatha sophomore Jairus Lyles and a two-point field goal from McNamara senior Ibn Muhammad and the Mustangs went into the quarter break with a 16-9 lead.

The second period started the same way the first ended: total McNamara domination, starting it out with a 10-3 run. Once again it was Jairus Lyles nailing a three ball that ended up halting the run short. After a timeout by Mustangs’ coach Marty Kiethline, the teams traded baskets pretty evenly to close out the half with McNamara ahead 35-21.

During halftime, something DeMatha coach Mike Jones said must have ignited a flame in his team because they came out from the break on fire going on a 13-3 run, finished off with a massive one-handed slam that hushed the rabid McNamara students that had come out for the game. That’s when Marcus Thornton showed why he is one of the leading candidates for WCAC Player of the Year by hitting three of the next four shots to go on a 8-3 run (the other basket scored by DeMatha Center BeeJay Anya). After that, it was all DeMatha, who headed into the final intermission down 49-40.

The Stags, continuing their momentum from the third quarter, totally owned the final time slot by dominating McNamara both in the paint and on the wide open floor. They couldn’t miss from the floor and they were grabbing the rebounds of most of their foul shots leading to easy put-back baskets.

After an amazing run, partly due to the fact that Thornton was held to only one shot in the quarter, the Stags had tied the score with 24.5 seconds left to go, allowing McNamara to have a chance to put up the attempted game winning shot. But when guard Ibn Muhammad made a beeline for the opposing basket, his shot rolled off, causing a chain reaction that still can’t be explained.

Questionable ending or not, DeMatha obviously came to play and proved why they are year in and year out one of the best teams in the WCAC.


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Girls Basketball plays to a tie with Ireton

Brandon Joyner ’11
Staff Writer

Sept. 18 — The Lady Mustangs were on the road Friday to take on Bishop Ireton in Alexandria, Virginia. The Mustangs were ready for a good game against the Cardinals.

In the first quarter, the Cardinals came out firing, but the Lady Mustang defenders were able to hold them off. Junior Stephanie Ayres and senior Alicia Thomas were driving the soccer ball away from the goal all game. Ireton scored first in the eleventh minute in the first half to lead one to nothing.

During the first half, Senior Jackie Corley sustained an injury to her leg, but returned later in the game at the half with Ireton still lead one to nothing. When the second half began, the Lady Mustangs came out firing on all cylinders with a goal in the sixteenth minute by sophomore Cathy Anderson to tie the game at one.

Later in the second half, the Mustangs went on another surge and senior Candace Chambers scored in the tenth minute giving the Mustangs a two to one lead, but the Cardinals would not go away. They came back to score the tying goal in the sixth minute. During that goal, goalie and freshman Sara Cavanagh sustained an injury to her hand and did not return. She finished with ten saves for the Mustangs.

The game ended in a two to two tie. After the game, Stephanie said that they played well and crossed the ball well in the game. She also said they have to work on communication and concentrating in the game.

When asked on looking forward to the next games, she said as long as the team plays together, they can compete and win some games. Also after the game, Marco Clark, the principal, said that he was proud of the girls because they played together and persevered throughout the game. Both teams played very hard and gave it their best effort. Next on the schedule for the Lady Mustangs are two home games against St Mary’s Ryken and Don Bosco High School.