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A Day In The Life Of A BMHS Student Athlete

By Ian Lynch ’17, Staff Writer

A student Athlete faces many challenging factors in their typical day. Athletes must know how to prioritize. Athletes need to make sure you have time for just about everything, but school must come first. Student athletes have long days and may have trouble with being focused in school due to lack of sleep. Student athletes have to stay up later than the average student who do not play sports to get their homework done after practice. McNamara’s baseball star Nick Washington ’17 says, “You are gonna have long days feeling tired but you have to overcome the diversity and get the work done.”

Student athletes have to constantly think about the future rather than the present. and in the day-to-day cycle they have to give 100% in everything they do. McNamara’s basketball star Charles Kelly says, “Every day is a new day with a new mindset of being great. You have to tell yourself that it is mind over matter giving 120% in the classroom and on the court.” Student athletes may face troubled times in the classroom from giving their all in their sport. You may come across people falling asleep, but that is merely because of the lack of rest they got from the day before.

Meghan Wyvill ’12, Lacrosse

Photo taken by Anthony Brown '12


Player Profile- Meghan Wyvill MP3

In this Interview with Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse Defense man Meghan Wyvill, I discussed with her the skill set that is needed to be a lacrosse defense man, the difference in mental and physical strategy it takes to compete against attackers and midfielders in the WCAC compared to non-conference teams and how much preparation will be needed for her to be at her best with tryouts days away.



Chanice Lee ’12, Basketball


Photo taken by Anthony Brown '12

Player Profile- Chanice Lee

In this interview with Varsity Senior Guard Chanice Lee, we discussed how important team chemistry is on and off the court, how she compensates for other guards who may be bigger or faster than she is, and what she thinks the team’s play as of late says to critics and supporters. The Lady Mustangs are coming off  of a three-game losing streak hoping to break it against the Holy Cross Tartans tommorow January 27th.