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Photojournalism from the award-winning Stampede photographers

Dodgebrawl! (Slideshow)

Check out this innovative audio slideshow with photos and sound from this year’s Intramural Dodgeball Championships.

Photos by Taylor Brown ’11
Audio by Megan Ardovini ’13 and Marie Blair ’11
Slideshow by Megan Ardovini ’13, Taylor Brown ’11 and Marie Blair ’11

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The Crucible – Photos

Performance of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible
March 26, 2010

Bishop McNamara High School Theatre, Spring Production 2010
Directed by Mary Mitchell-Donahue

Photos By:
A.J. Gonzalez ’10
of The Stampede

Alexus Smith ’12 (in red) as Abigail Williams points at an imaginary spirit during the trial scene, leading other town girls who are pretending they are possessed, including (from left) Dallas Magee ’12, Briana Barber ’12, Eva Gonzalez ’12 and Carmela Rourke ’10. (Photo by AJ Gonzalez ’10/THE STAMPEDE)