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Profiles of interesting people who walk the halls of BMHS

Saying Goodbye To A Pillar Of McNamara

Sage Ware ’20

Staff Writer

The Mustang team is losing one of it’s greatest leaders, Dr. Marco Clark. This year marks the last of Dr. Clark’s 23 year journey in the McNamara community, and we will be sad to see him go. For years Dr. Clark has served McNamara by making the impossible possible for many families, and helping students to get their education. However, life will soon be changing for Dr. Clark, seeing as after this year he will be moving to Austin, Texas. There he will work as the Executive Director of the Holy Cross Institute at Headquarters, also known as St. Edwards University. A major part of his job will be traveling to all of the Holy Cross schools in the United States and other countries, to support them in the Holy Cross mission. Saying goodbye to this home will be difficult, and Dr. Clark reports that he will certainly miss the people and the element of family that McNamara carries. When asked what the greatest lesson he has learned from McNamara, he stated that “Good change, sustainable change, takes time…As you age you realize that the things that last the longest take time.” Dr. Clark also said, “I see myself as a change agent.” 

People may wonder what initially drew Dr. Clark back to Bishop McNamara, after having graduated in the class of ‘85. Prior to this career, Dr. Clark wanted to be a teacher and a football coach. In fact, he worked as a coach for DeMatha High School from 1989 until 1997. However, after realizing that McNamara was having enrollment issues, he decided to take this opportunity to serve a school that has been transformational for him and his life. Through his decision to join this community, Dr. Clark has made many memories. His favorite of which have been various underdog stories, watching people overcome adversity, and finally being able to hand those students a diploma. Dr. Clark also finds joy in Bishop McNamara’s Project Pride program, and says “All people need in life is a chance.” The happy memories Dr. Clark gained, have been rewards of a job that requires much. Dr. Clark describes the hardest part of his job as witnessing failure; both his own failure and the failure of those around him. Yet he continues to give of himself and work for the benefit of children around the world, all while constantly relying on God to lead him through life. 

College Professors who also Teach at BMHS

Ms. Treichel and Dr. Van der Waag tell what makes high school so irresistible and college so indispensable.

Katherine Fry ‘12 | Staff Writer

Ah, high school, a goulash of diverse personalities, spiced generously with the seasoning of laughter and tears. Who would ever want to leave? Certainly not our beloved Ms. Treichel and newcomer Dr. Van der Waag. College professors they may be, but high school still holds an undeniable draw for them.

“I love the kids, the energy. They keep me young,” Ms. Clare Treichel says, “If I had to choose one level only, it would be high school. ” Casually dressed in a burgundy polo and matching cardigan, some simple khaki pants, and the sandals that have become one of her trademarks, Ms. Clare Treichel says she began her teaching career in high school, although college called to her as well. And, undoubtedly aided by her time at Prince George’s Community College, she has acquired so much information about her higher-level love that, as high school senior Marina Kuykendall says, “She just wants to help us get into college.” Some more of her wisdom: college professors and students are more equal, and graduate students are more mature than other students.

On the college students, Dr. Van der Waag, who comes to us from Georgetown University, says, “You’re making your own choices about what type of adult you want to be in college.” He also believes that hopeful college-attendees should take their admissions essays and interviews seriously, and that they should actually do well in college, not just scrape by with C’s.

Despite his experiences in higher learning, he lauds the lower level, saying, “High school teachers are a really dedicated group.” They also see students grow up, something Dr. Van der Waag likes to see. But, most importantly, he believes that the school’s mission is alive and well in the day-to-day.

Coach Profile: Angelina Diehlmann, Varsity Softball

The entire team put in a great effort to make this the seventh out of the team’s eight game winning streak. (Alex Vinci ’11/THE STAMPEDE)

April 19, 2011 — With first year Varsity Softball coach Angelina Diehlmann, we discussed how it was going for her so far at that point as a first year head coach, some positives and negatives she faced having the position, a little game recap and future thoughts on an upcoming game.  Audio interview below.

CLICK FOR AUDIO INTERVIEW: Angelina Diehlmann, Varsity Softball Coach

Coach Ballenger on Development of Baseball Team

In this Coach Profile interview, insight is given into what goes into making a gameplan plan for a baseball game and how much leadership that the Mustangs have with a team made up of juniors and sophomores. The Mustangs have a 1-1 record at the start of the regular season and look to win against PVI on Saturday.

CLICK FOR AUDIO: Coach Profile – Thomas Ballenger, Baseball

Date Conducted: March 23, 2011

Interview by Anthony Brown ’12, Staff Writer

Special: Coach Keithline interview before St Johns Game in Playoffs

Photo by Alexis Jenkins ’11/THE STAMPEDE
The Mustangs, ranked the #3 seed in the WCAC Playoffs, host the #6 seed St. Johns Cadets whom they lost to in their last game of the season. But the Mustangs look to make a statement by winning this game and want to make some noise in the playoffs with their ultimate goal of winning a championship. Interview by Anthony Brown ’12, Staff Writer on February 23, 2011. 

CLICK FOR AUDIO – WCAC Playoffs Coach Profile – Martin Keithline

New Baby Adopted into McNamara Family

Megan Timms ’11

Staff Writer

One of our teachers is traveling to Western Africa to pick up his son. On January 13, 2010, religion teacher, Mr. Monahan and his family are adopting a child. He has been waiting to be able to adopt and now is the time. He is traveling to Aeddis, Ethiopia to adopt an eight month old boy named Ekubamariam. When asked on the reason for adopting he stated, “There are kids that need a family, we are family.” He will be spending 10 days there and is having a two month leave to spend time with and adapt to the new addition to his family. He will be returning on March 15, but for now is excited about getting his new son. “We are like Brad and Angelina, only more glamorous and better looking,” he said jokingly on how he felt about the whole experience.