Joining Our Staff

(last updated Feb 2012)

Join the Newspaper: Take Journalism 1 Next Year

Who we’re looking for: Students who want to be part of a dynamic, award-winning team; who possess strong skills in writing, photography, video, computers, illustration, graphic design or verbal communication; who are responsible, trustworthy, and can work independently.

How to Apply: First think about why you want to join.  An autobiography and samples of your work are required. Here are the details:

1. Autobiography: Please briefly introduce yourself. What are your interests? What is important to you? What got you interested in joining the newspaper staff? What do you feel you would offer? What are you hoping to learn from this experience? Your bio doesn’t have to be entirely written; as part of your application, you may include photos or a short video. Suggested: 250 words or one page.

2. Samples: Attach one or more samples of your work, relating to whatever skills you hope to use in journalism. (For example, if you want to be a photographer, you should submit photos.) Please avoid submitting valuable originals. Some suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • A piece that of writing that demonstrates your ability to write creatively and/or communicate effectively (such as an essay, news story, fiction);
  • Five original photographs (online or print copy is fine);
  • Two minutes of video you filmed or edited;
  • One or more pages that show your layout abilities;
  • One original illustration, comic or graphic design;
  • The URL for a blog that you update;
  • Anything else that shows why you could make a great journalist.

Deadline: Your application is due by February 16 by 3:30pm. It should be given directly to Mr. Charles Shryock (Room 112 or 220 after school), journalism teacher and faculty adviser to The Stampede, or to Mrs. Mindi Imes de Duclos, Academic Dean.

Questions? You are encouraged to speak with the teacher or staff of The Stampede.
Mr. Shryock (faculty) — shryock[at]
Luciana Rodrigues (Editor-in-Chief) — looful[at]
Matthew Nunez (Editor-in-Chief) — nunezmc320[at]

Don’t Want to Wait Until Next Year?

Join media club.  Come speak to Mr. Shryock for more information.

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