Football has a redeeming season

Last year, Bishop McNamara went one whole football season with zero wins. Coaches, students, and players were devastated.

Now, many people still want to know why, even as the team began winning more games in 2018.

Varsity quarterback Miles Miller ‘19 said, “Winning a few games this year feels great compared to last year.” He said this year they had a better team with better chemistry. He said his players had to depend on and trust each other more, as well as the coaching staff had to trust the players.

According to several players, last year’s varsity team just was not in the right place. They wouldn’t work together as a team, and that put a strain to how they played.
Since then they learned from their mistakes and applied what they learned as “One team, One family, and One McNamara.”

Varsity football head coach Mr. Keita Malloy said he felt good when his team was up, and bad when they were losing. As a coach, it is always difficult knowing his team put in all the work they had and then the turnout was not what was expected or planned.

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