The First Dance of the Year

Jalyn Williamson 21′

Bishop McNamara held their annual Back to School Dance on September 16th. The dance which was held in the Fine Arts Gym, included a DJ, strobe lights, small refreshments, but sadly no food. Anyone who attended McNamara could go only if they paid $5 dollars. A lot of students attended: seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.

          The freshmen and transfer students experienced their first Back to School Dance. Everyone was dancing, jumping around, enjoying themselves and overall was just happy to be there, some students even started running around the gym during the dance. The music was great at times but it didn’t manage to fulfill everyone’s taste, like some of the students that were interviewed.

  Some students were interviewed about how they felt about the dance. A few of those students obviously complained about the fact there was no food and some wished that there were more refreshments. A 9th grader even stated, “The dance was hot and it didn’t help when there was no water.” Some even stated that the music could’ve been better, that they wished there could’ve been more “crankage”. Another downside was the water being thrown from the bottles because no one enjoyed being wet while they’re trying to dance. A lot of freshmen commented about the dance saying that they enjoyed their first dance of the year, and can’t wait for the next one.

  Overall the dance was a great way to start off the year. Kudos to the seniors, they planned this amazing dance, this also being their last dance. And because this is their last dance, there were a few comments on their leaving: “Sad to see them go, but they did great on the dance.”, “I wish them good luck for the future!”, “I believe they can make their last year the best year!”, “I have faith that you guys will do great in the future!”. Hopefully, there can be another dance later this year that many more people will enjoy.


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