Stresses of College

Spencer Anderson 18′


(12 Ways to Better Handle Stress in College)

College. What a term of paranoia and constant stress for those just entering the 12th grade. Seniors in high school often feel pressured to apply to colleges and even in some cases, they feel rushed to get an application in. Students and counselors across McNamara were interviewed and all of their responses beat around the same bush. Students deemed the college application process stressful and fast-paced, whereas the counselors feel the same tension and anxiety just as the students. Although some counselors see it more as busy rather than a hassle, as one counselor stated: “I feel the highs and all the lows of each student when they are accepted and or if they are denied”. It is safe to say college is a stressful process for the upcoming class of 18’ but it can all be a much smoother process with the help of counselors, teachers, and administrative staff. It will be interesting to see how things shake up this 2017-2018 school year but the Mustangs are destined for nothing but success!

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