What’s in Site for the C.I.T.E

Ian Lynch ’17

Bishop McNamara is on the road to new beginnings through technology and creativity. The maker space idea has now taken its first steps in the McNamara community, with the new C.I.T.E lab, introduced by Mr. Buckley in August 2016. The idea for the C.I.T.E lab has been around for a few years and is now on the rise. Drawing inspiration from the maker movement, it is a space that lets you explore your horizon of innovative ideas.
Gabby Oglesby ’17 said “The cite lab is a place that lets students express their creativity through innovative learning activities such as the use of 3D printers and mine craft.” Students are encouraged to make use of the C.I.T.E lab when given projects and assignments from a teacher. There are many fascinating materials and machinery inside of the maker space where you can bring your ideas to life through things such as modelling clay, markers, 3D printing, mine craft, and the new Raspberry Pi microcomputer which is physical computing technology. Mr. Buckley has personal workshops that students are able to attend and gain more knowledge of the gadgets and electronics. He also advises a Making Club and hopes to spark interest in a Girls Coding Club for next year.
Many students throughout Bishop McNamara are not aware of all the lab has to offer and the help that it provides. (Give a quote from someone here.) Steps are being taken to promote the CITE Lab for increased use by teachers and students alike next year.
The C.I.T.E lab holds a lot for the future. Creativity is sky rocketing through the roof with new inventions and ideas. Well what exactly does the future for the C.I.T.E lab look like? According to Mr. Buckley “Next year we are starting a making lab where students are dedicated to being in here and in the future with the La Reine Science Center and its further expansion we hope to put a making lab there as well.” Mr. Buckley is starting his own class called “Making Lab: Create Hack Play” to introduce new ideas to students in a more physical and interactive way. He also encourages teachers to get more involved with projects and assignments where students have to use the making lab for things like twitter bots, Minecraft, etc. We are looking towards a bright future in technology, trying to introduce new gadgets in the making lab such as laser cutters. A world of creativity and brilliance is in store for McNamara!


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