Lady Mustangs Basketball

Profile on Girls’ Basketball Team

Chase Ellington ’16 | Staff Writer

Building family and showing respect are the two McNamara pillars that describe the 2014-2015 girls basketball team. The success of this season caused a huge uproar.

Compared to last year, this team formed an unbreakable bond — a sisterhood grown through working together. Although minor faults affected the season outcome, the outcome was stronger than expected.

“I think where it all goes downhill is when it comes to us finishing,” shooting guard Simone Smith said. “We started off better than ever but not everything ended the way we expected.”

A case of when the team worked together is the Riverdale Baptist game. The team was down by seventeen with four minutes remaining, and a technical foul was called on the opposing team due to their lack of knowledge of how many times out remained.

Senior Kholby Oliver ‘15 was called to the foul line, isolated and full of pressure, to pull off a remarkable victory. Missing one out of two of the game winning shots, she still lead the team to an extraordinary win.

The game showed that when working together, any obstacle formed against these strong young women could be conquered. After meeting with the team it was clear to see that there love and passion for the sport is overwhelming. The sisterhood formed slowly, because of the need to build trust and not let outside attributes get in the way of major success.

Their motivation, directed by Coach Frank Oliver, was well noticed. “He never gave up on us,” said Mangela Ngandjui ‘16, power forward and a leading scorer.

The outcome of the season was not in the favor of the crowd. A sad loss against Seton will go down in Mustang history, because of the closing remarks of the game itself. A crunch time situation game result of 41 to 40 left fans with dropped hearts and distraught faces.

The fight for victory was clearly stated, and the loss formed so much positivity amongst the team, because they are ready to come back better than ever and leave with the gold.

As we patiently wait for the 2015-2016 season, the current team expects to take it all next year and give our school another championship.

Look out for our Lady Mustangs as the uproar continues.

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