Stresses of Prom/Graduation

by Tenia Jordan’16 | Staff Writer

While most seniors are ready to leave, but will miss their friends at McNamara, some students have other fears.

Getting a date. Writing a senior thesis. Buying a suit or dress. Preparing for graduation.

This is an exciting but stressful time for seniors. How does it feel to almost graduate?

“I am ready to leave, but scared for college,” Taylor Singleton’15 said. “Prom is also stressful because of getting ready, hair and makeup, finding a dress, and organizing graduation cookouts.”

Not everyone is dreading the day.

“It feels great to finally leave the school,” Kennie May’15 said. “The most stressful things are expenses, getting through school finals, and senior thesis.”

Not everyone is ready to leave just yet.

However when speaking to Charles Willis Jr.’15 he had a sadder approach to graduation. He said “It’s bittersweet getting ready to leave but I will miss the people here.” For stresses he said “prom, suit, shoes, finding the money, graduation and finishing my senior thesis.”

Some students are ready to get a fresh start.

However there are some students who are just ready to start a new life.

Mckenzie Clinkscale’15 said “Graduating feels amazing, I am just ready to start a new life style. Also ready to see what it is like to do something different.”

Although senior year is a stressful year, it can be a very exciting year filled with memories that  will last a lifetime.

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