How to Thrift

by Ceandria Mars ‘15 | Staff Writer

If you’re one of the people who would like to thrift but just don’t know where to start, here are some tips to get you started. The key to thrifting and the solution to the problem many face is time and patience. Obviously, there are a lot of clothes in a thrift store that you will come across that you won’t like, but it takes going through all of the unwanted pieces to find that one great article of clothing.

Some thrift shops offer designer brands for a hefty price, but still far less expensive than what they would be at a department store or another retailer. Michael “Jachuku” Howard  ‘15 said that he has shopped at thrift stores like Salvation Army in places as close as DC, Silver Spring, and far as New York City. He mentioned finding Versace leather pants for around ninety dollars, when in normal department stores they could be sold at prices up to thousands of dollars!

Popular thrift-blogger Lindsay Turner from says to search anywhere and everywhere, because not all thrift stores offer the same things, and you might not find what you’re looking for right away.

Déjà Forster ’15 suggested a follow-up tip: to keep an open mind while thrifting and that you shouldn’t enter a thrift store with narrow expectations, because you’ll most likely be disappointed. Thrift stores aren’t department stores. The key is to look and look hard, but still Howard said he feels that, “You have to get lucky.”

The final and most unique tip, found on Lindsay Turner’s blog is “think outside the thrift store.” Picture items outside of the store, what you would wear them with, and if it’s customizable, or able to be used in a way other than what it was intended. She also says it’s good to know trends as you make your way through the store. A pair of baggy jeans, for instance, can be altered or turned into a pair of trendy shorts. Now that you have a guide on how to thrift, you can get started at a nearby store like Value Village on Allentown Road in Suitland Maryland.

Jachuku Howard '15 showing his thrift attire.

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