Tech Crew: Behind the Scenes

Though we may not always see them, if there is a show or performance of some sort going on, the tech crew is always there. Though it may seem like a simple job of just pressing buttons to make a light go on, a song to cue, or a microphone to work, it takes a lot more than that. Concentration is required so that they do not mess up, as well as focus and common sense. But this never keeps them from having fun. Without the tech crew, our performances would be nothing like they are now. Under the direction of  Mr. John Shryock, tech crew is one talented group of people, all very easy to work with and whom understand the value of the work they are doing.

For the Sankofa performance of “Kleopata,”  take a behind the scenes look at what is required for the first night of the show from the tech crew. (Pictures and Story by Luciana Rodrigues ’12 / THE STAMPEDE)

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