Lady Mustangs Fall to Good Counsel

Anthony Brown ’12
Sports Editor

The Varsity Basketball Lady Mustangs were outplayed in their loss to the Good Counsel Lady Falcons on January 31, 2012, losing by double digits. Talking to Coach Gary Lee  before the game, he said that it’s very important that they have a good run in their last five games of the season and it would definitely set them up where they need to be at as far as the playoffs are concerned; also saying that they want to be in a position where they don’t play the top teams to start the playoffs.” The game started with turnovers from both teams but the Lady Mustangs were able to score the first points of the game with a three pointer by Chanice Lee’12 and then Good Counsel went on a hot streak and ended up with a 7 point lead by the end of the first quarter with a score of 25-18. In the second quarter, the onslaught continued with junior forward Amanda Fiorvanti ’13 doing damage in the paint area in that quarter and the entire game which weakened the Lady Mustangs defense and allowed Good Counsel to score points. The Good Counsel Lady Falcons were able take the Mustangs off their game and increased their lead to double digits with a halftime score  of 41-30. The Mustangs were 3 for 10 from the free throw line, had 6 turnovers and shot 42 percent from the field in the first half.
Good Counsel kept their great play up in 3rd quarter and the baskets didn’t stop coming.  The Mustangs did however show promise in their shooting and fast break play getting to the basket and trying everything to get back into the game.  The Lady Falcons didn’t allow their lead to crumble increasing it to 15 by the end of the third with a score of 59-44.
In the fourth, Good Counsel sealed the victory by outscoring the Lady Mustangs 29 to 17 in the quarter losing the game 88-61.
When asked after the game how Amanda Fiorvanti’s destruction in the paint area affected the Mustangs defense, Coach Lee said, “It affected it very much; this is the second time that she has hurt us bad. We just have to find someone that’s able to guard her because we may see this team in the playoffs.”  He did also say that the team is going to go back to the drawing board and make sure that they do all the right things. He thought there were a lot of breakdowns on their end as far as the defensive rotations, turnovers and felt they were giving Good Counsel too many second-chance baskets. The Lady Mustangs play at St.Mary’s Ryken looking to win most of their games in a 5-game stretch with the season coming to a close.


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