A Legend Lost – Whitney Houston

Vania Brown ’12 | Editor

Whitney Houston is pronounced dead at the age of 48. On the eve of the Grammys, Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, released news of her death to reporters in Los Angeles this evening. The cause of death has not been revealed, though Houston was found dead by her body guard in her hotel room; there were no signs of criminal intent. She had been in rehab numerous times throughout her life, but had made a comeback in 2009 with album, I Look To You.

The world renowned R&B, pop singer, prominent in the 80s and 90s, was made famous for her songs, “Saving All My Love,” “I Have Nothing,” “Children of the Future,” and “I Will Always Love You.” Houston also had a firm acting career with her roles in the “The Preacher’s Wife,” “Waiting to Exhale,” and “The Body Guard.”

Houston leaves behind 18 year old Bobbi Kristina, her daughter with singer and ex-husband, Bobby Brown.

Houston was currently in production with her role in the remake of the film, Sparkle, said to debut this year.

From the Official Website of Whitney Houston

8 thoughts on “A Legend Lost – Whitney Houston”

  1. Vania what a great editorial on our beloved Whitney Houston. She will truly be missed by All. You could have written about anything but you chose to honor Ms.Houston as the country grieves her death. Nice Job! (and not because you’re my niece!!!… really good job Vania..)

  2. Awesome article my dearest!! What wonderful and sombering words about an icon and legend! I agree, she will be truly missed by all. Great work Vania! Much love, Aunt Jan

  3. You did a good job, I’m very proud of you. We will truly miss whitney houston she is and always will be a legend

  4. Vania, this is a great article remembering the late and great Whitney Houston. we are so proud of you. We are deeply saddened by this tragic and unexpected news.My prayers go out to her family. very nice, We love you! Aunty Lisa

  5. Wonderful article, you presented Whitney well. I am still heartbroken over it.

    We are proud of the work you do!! Love you, Autie.

  6. Vania, great article! I believe you can include journalism to your long list of talents. I am proud of you and certainly not surprised of your talents!

  7. Wow Vania, what an awesome article. We’re so proud of you baby. God Bless you, and may Heaven continue to smile upon you. Keep up the Fantastic job you’re doing. R.I.P. Whitney! Love ya, Aunt Ev!

  8. Hello my little Princess. This is your Uncle Andre’. I read your article, and in my opinion, it is a true work of art. I am so proud of you. I love you Ni-Ni.

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