Let’s Have a Little Talk about “Of Monsters and Men”

Listen to Of Monsters and Men’s New Single

Emily Magruder ’13 | Staff Writer

Typically, the singles released by artists are the most generic and simply constructed songs on their albums.  But Icelandic folk/indie group Of Monsters and Men chose to release “Little Talks” as their single representing their premier CD ‘Into the Woods.’  This song showcases trumpets, an accordion, acoustic guitar and drums and vocals, who to the lay listener sound vaguely British.  Although the chorus is slightly repetitive, the creative lyrics demonstrate the young artists’ mastery of the English language.

The literal story listens in on a conversation between a man reassuring the woman he loves about the noises she hears in her home.  Metaphorically, “Little Talks” studies a young couple’s relationship and the evolution of their trust in each other.  Despite the turmoils they experience, including death, they optimistically sing about being brought home together. Little Talks proposes the unorthodox concept of a fairytale romance flourishing despite death juxtaposed by its traditional love song style.

These adorably romantic and fairytale-like lyrics are matched by whimsical instrumental.  This song is a festival of sound.  The joyful accordion is reminiscent of street performers while the staccato singing is the bustling crowds moving from attraction to attraction.  The drums, trumpet and acoustic guitars chime together emanating the warmth that can only be produced by laughter amongst friends.  This toe-tapping, finger-snapping, frivolously fun folk song is a wonderful introduction to the kind of folk/indie music that is becoming so wildly popular in the States and is a great addition to any person’s music library.

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