Mustangs Fall to PVI

Jelani Scott
Staff Writer

24 JAN 2012–The BMHS Men’s Varsity Basketball team fell to Paul VI, 67-77, on Tuesday after a hard fought, action packed game. The Panthers, led by standout Guard Stanford Robinson ’13, are 17-2 on the year and are the second ranked team in Virginia so it was understood that this wouldn’t be an easy contest. The Panthers won the tip to start the game and quickly hit a 3 point basket, proving that they looked to control the tempo of the game. However, the Mustangs were able to keep their composure, despite the tough defense being played by the Panthers, and ended the first quarter down 16-19.

To start the second quarter, PVI went on a 9-0 run, punctuated by a devastating alley-oop dunk that sent the crowd in an uproar on both sides. This run prompted Coach Keithline to call the game’s first timeout, as he and his staff were noticeably frustrated by their team’s play. Coming out of the timeout, the Mustangs appeared to gain some much needed momentum after a 3 point play from Forward Ryen Wise ’13. Following that pivotal play, the Mustangs outscored PVI 13-7 to end the quarter and were down 29-32 heading into halftime.

Early in the third quarter, Forward Kevin Robbins ’13 hit a big 3 pointer to tie the game at 32. Moments later, when the Mustangs were down 38-34, starting Forward Kelsey Jenkins ’12 suffered an injury and play was stopped. Following this brief pause in action, a technical foul occurred when Robinson held onto to the rim following a missed dunk, giving the Mustangs an easy 2 free throws, making the score 42-40. Even though they held their ground for most of the quarter, BMHS still trailed 48-53, heading into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth, PVI scored a quick 5 points but Jenkins, who returned to the game, was able to answer that with a 3 pointer and cut the lead to 58-51. Soon after, bad defense from PVI resulted in the game becoming a free throw shooting contest for the Mustangs, as they hit 11 of 12 from the line, cutting the lead to 64-66. Unfortunately, there was too much time left as PVI made a key steal and layup and were able to draw fouls and hit the majority of their free throws and the Mustangs ended up losing by 10. After the game, one of McNamara’s assistant coaches said he felt that the team played very well, that they hustled, played together, moved the ball around well and got the shots they wanted. The MVP for the Mustangs was Robbins, who had 25 points and 7 rebounds. Guard Stephan Jiggets ’13 contributed 13 points and 5 assists, while Guard Jerron Martin ’14 shined as the sixth man with 14 points and 5 assists. The team has hit a slump recently as this was their third consecutive loss and hopefully they can turn things as the season comes to a close.

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