TV Preview: ‘New Girl’ and ‘Secret Circle’

Christin Coleman ‘12 | Staff Writer

'New Girl' Zooey Deschanel is described as "simply adorkable" in the show's tagline.

With new shows premiering weekly, it is hard to guess making it hard to distinguish between which shows will grab and keep your attention, and which shows are going to have you wishing your teachers had given you more homework. Well, don’t fret: I’ve done the dirty work for you ! I’ve watched and followed two of the most anticipated shows of this fall. Here is my take:

New Girl: This show stars Zooey Deschanel as the very sweet and quirk, filled Jess. After her sudden break up with her boyfriend, she seeks residency at an apartment with three male roommates that she found on Craig’s List. By helping Jess get through her break-up and receiving her advice with their own matters of the heart, they begin to accept and bring in their new roommate as “one of the boys.” New Girl offers short and spontaneous, yet still original musical numbers by Jess, random dancing, and heartfelt moments that will have you smiling against your will. Nothing short of witty, charming, and downright hilarious, you’ll want to tune into New Girl every Tuesday at 9 on FOX.

Secret Circle: If your preference lies within the suspense or mystery genre ,I highly suggest “The Secret Circle.” When Cassie’s mother suddenly dies in a fire that was no accident she is sent to live with her Grandmother in the town where her mother grew up. Cassie, ignorant to her mother’s past and her own true identity, encounters many strange occurrences in her first days in the new town that eventually lead her to a group of teenagers called The Secret Circle. The Secret Circle is made up of young witches, and Cassie happens to be one.This show will leave you wanting more and more and counting down to the next episode.

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