College Professors who also Teach at BMHS

Ms. Treichel and Dr. Van der Waag tell what makes high school so irresistible and college so indispensable.

Katherine Fry ‘12 | Staff Writer

Ah, high school, a goulash of diverse personalities, spiced generously with the seasoning of laughter and tears. Who would ever want to leave? Certainly not our beloved Ms. Treichel and newcomer Dr. Van der Waag. College professors they may be, but high school still holds an undeniable draw for them.

“I love the kids, the energy. They keep me young,” Ms. Clare Treichel says, “If I had to choose one level only, it would be high school. ” Casually dressed in a burgundy polo and matching cardigan, some simple khaki pants, and the sandals that have become one of her trademarks, Ms. Clare Treichel says she began her teaching career in high school, although college called to her as well. And, undoubtedly aided by her time at Prince George’s Community College, she has acquired so much information about her higher-level love that, as high school senior Marina Kuykendall says, “She just wants to help us get into college.” Some more of her wisdom: college professors and students are more equal, and graduate students are more mature than other students.

On the college students, Dr. Van der Waag, who comes to us from Georgetown University, says, “You’re making your own choices about what type of adult you want to be in college.” He also believes that hopeful college-attendees should take their admissions essays and interviews seriously, and that they should actually do well in college, not just scrape by with C’s.

Despite his experiences in higher learning, he lauds the lower level, saying, “High school teachers are a really dedicated group.” They also see students grow up, something Dr. Van der Waag likes to see. But, most importantly, he believes that the school’s mission is alive and well in the day-to-day.

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