Teen killer could strike again

Carolyn Conte is a staff writer for The Stampede

Carolyn Conte ‘14 | Staff Writer

It’s the number one killer of 15 to 20 year-olds in the US.  An average of more than 5,000 teens here in USA will die this year because of it.  In 2009, at least 8 teens would die a day from this.

And almost all of these deaths could have been easily prevented- without any money donated, without any labor put in except for a thought: the decision to not distract themselves while they drive.

It could happen to anyone. We hear that a lot, but often we waive it away. It really could happen to anyone. Try and perceive yourself in one of those “some-one’s” situation, cruising along a smooth, empty road on their way home. Picture this anonymous person waiting all day for another special, certain peer to text or call them about, say, going to the dance. They’re so impatient!

Suddenly, “Buh-drung!” They know that sound; it means their phone just received a text. A potentially very important text. The road is empty and straight, and they need to see who it was! If they don’t reply immediately, that friend might assume something. So this “some-one”, this anyone, hexed by mere chance, chooses to answer just this one text. One hand holds the cellphone while they’re reading the message, and the other hand keeps the wheel steady. Their eyes abandon the road for a moment. In those humble few seconds their vehicle passes by a stoplight. A red light silently screams to the diverted some-one to halt, yet only a loud but low “bonnnggg! bongk, bongk!” succeeds in getting the random, anybody-but-you-someone to look up only to catch a final glimpse of life.

Harsh. But it’s reality. Waiting until the car is in park isn’t as painful as one might think.

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