Five Fingers… For Your Toes?

Photo by Jasmine Whittington ’11, Staff Writer
Interview by Stephanie Dorn ’11, Staff Writer

Vibram FiveFingers: A new trend of shoe has sparked the interest of students and teachers, including Kyle Martin from the class of 2011. When interviewed, Martin seemed to have nothing but positive feedback on his new choice of shoes.

Q: What made you want to buy the FiveFingers shoes?
A: I saw people wearing them and thought they looked cool and comfortable.

Q: How do they feel?
A: I like the fact that they let my feet breathe. Because of that, they are going to be good in the summertime. They are comfortable too.

Q: Do you have any concerns about them?
A: I am a little worried about the wear and tear because I like to wear them to work, but so far they have held up quite well.

Q: Are they waterproof?
A: They aren’t made to be for the water, but getting them wet won’t hurt anything. They dry really quickly.

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