Menopausal Drama Heats Up!

By Michael Breton ’12

When it comes to reality shows about rich people, count me in. And I’m certainly guilty of watching Bravo TV. It is in my opinion, the best collection of the most entertaining, amusing, and craziest nonsense in American reality television. One of my biggest addictions is the Real Housewives. For all of us who treat watching them like a religion, we all love the loud Atlanta housewives and Sheree’s “who gonna check me boo?” line, the glamorous New York housewives and their “class”, the Beverly Hills’ disposable, mind-blowing cash, New Jersey and their mafia-like behavior (is this the Godfather?) and the D.C.’s(unfortunately cancelled) political correctness.

For me, it was Sonja Morgan and her fellow six in the city who seduced me. And their fourth season premiered on April 8 with, of course, the glamorous fashions, the crazy petty drama, and the classiest behavior (cough!). Social climber and model(she can actually work it), Alex McCord, who found her feisty “voice”, meaning her will to speak her mind, has found a new feud with Sonja Morgan, the carbon copy of Samantha Jones (my personal favourite). While Queen bee Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon are still pretending to be victims of “systematic bullying”(whatever that means), Ramona Singer, is still in her “Ramonacoaster”. What surprised me was Countess Luann de Lesseps. This season, he has become less annoying and more relatable. But watch out ladies, there’s a new girl in town. Replacing Bethenny Frankel was Cindy Barshop, a spinster who could have it all minus the man. But honestly, Barshop’s addition wasn’t needed because she lacked interest and seemed like she didn’t belong. They could have done better.
It has only been in its second episode and even though the show is no longer the same without Bethenny, from what I saw from the first two episodes and its previews, it’ll be like Carrie and the girls sequel (they travel to Morocco like the movie) but even better with more hilarious menopausal drama than any reality shows could offer. But beneath it all, the show is about powerful women who aren’t afraid of opening their lives to show American women that they could make it on their own even without a man. It also is like psychology 101! (Viewers actually learn about social studies). If you don’t really know what I’m talking about, then give t

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