We So Excited for Rebecca Black

Screenshot from the official Rebecca Black video for "Friday." Click to see the original video.

Elise Nagy ‘12 | Staff Writer

If you forgot what comes after Thursday, have no fear. Rebbecca Black will never fail to remind you what comes next: it’s Friday… In her song “Friday”, what are the odds that the song would be called Friday? The song Friday starts off in the same tone of voice that babies use to express their dislike of their soiled diapers — with whining. “Gotta be fresh” apparently means getting ready in the morning, and catching a ride to school with your 12-year-old friends who just so happen to have their licenses.

After Rebbecca talks about getting fresh, she then talks about some decisions she has to make. Should she kick it in the front seat? Or sit in the back seat? It’s people like Rebbecca Black that feed the stereotype of fame-hungry rich girls who use their money to advertise their non-existent talent. She can relate to Paris Hilton, who has used her money for fame, an amazing reality trash TV star who is looking for a new BFF.

She’s no one-trick pony; she also produced another worthless song called “Prom Night,” which tops her tough decisions in Friday. She gets pretty deep in this song, talking about a boy asking her to dance at prom. “We’re dancing in the sky / His eyes are great because they are brown.” So if they were blue, they wouldn’t be great?

So the message Rebbeca Black is trying to send through her music is that no matter how worthless, no matter how much of a joke your work is, and no matter how much you can’t sing, you can still put what you call talent out there and make money.

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