If You Care DON’T Share

Sharing make up can lead to diseases such as Staph and Herpes

Jasmine Whittington ‘11
Staff Writer

Ladies, it’s cool to share with friends your secrets, clothes, and gossip, but keep your make-up to yourself. Sharing, and exchanging makeup is like openly sharing and exchanging germs, viruses, and diseases.
When sharing eyeliner, you run the risk of catching common eye diseases. I’m sure every one has heard of “pink eye,” but its medical term is conjunctivitis. It is a bacteria as well as a virus and is highly contagious. Conjunctivitis can be spread by direct contact with an infected area or contact with an object that has touched the infected area, according to Humanillness.com.

It is very common for a girl to visit a makeup store such as Mac or Sephora and try on the testers. For prom, girls go to different make-up companies to get a make-overs. According to livestrong.com, one study found bacteria such as MRSA (staph), strep (strep throat), and E. Coli in department store testers. Viruses and bacteria live in warm damp places. So make-up boxes, foundation containers, and lip gloss containers fit the requirements perfectly.
Lets say a close friend of yours recently got a minor paper cut on her index finger. She asks to use your lip gloss and you agree. You, trying to use a little precaution, squirt out some of the gloss onto her finger tip so she does not directly put her lips on the applicator. Little do you know, the same finger she used to scrape the gloss off the applicator is the same finger she had the cut on.

When you let a friend borrow your favorite lip-gloss or lipstick, you should definitely think twice. Herpes can be spread through the sharing of lip wear, according Dr. Elizabeth Brooks, a biological sciences professor at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Most of the time the disease shows no outer signs, making it hard to tell who has herpes, and who does not. Unfortunately Herpes is something that a person can never get rid of, according to herpesdoctor.com. Mononucleosis can also be spread by sharing lip gloss or lipstick, according to Dr. Brooks. Sore throat, rashes, fevers, and muscle aches are only a few symptoms of the virus.

The most commonly asked make-up question between girl friends is “Do you have any eye-liner or lip gloss i can borrow?” Your answer should be NO! Remember personal items are PERSONAL for a reason.

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