If You Have to Cry, Go Read Kelly Cutrone’s Book!

Michael Breton ‘12
Staff Writer

When you were young, did your mother ever tell you the truth? Did she ever tell you that you will LOSE in life because you aren’t good enough? Of course not, because that is not what mothers do. They sugarcoat things and try to keep your hopes up when, honestly, your designs aren’t going to cut it for Vogue.

Want the truth? There is no one more honest than the frank and feisty angel who wears Prada, Mama Wolf herself, Kelly Cutrone. Kelly Cut-throat-trone is the leader and founder of People’s Revolutuion, the famous fashion public relations company that was portrayed along with Kelly herself on reality television shows such as MTV’s The Hills, The City, and her own show on the Bravo channel, Kell On Earth. She is tough, decisive, blunt, and fabulous. One minute with her and you’ll learn, Don’t mess with fierceness! But this fierce woman has a soft and sentimental side in her new book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside!

Although its title sounds frightening, it is filled with both friendly language and a couple of F words. Inside, she opens up and shows you her life at the beginning, when heroin was hot and defying your parents was not. With this, she demands you to learn from her mistakes when pursuing your path to becoming the ultimate power player. Doesn’t sound soft to you? She proclaims herself the Yogi Mama, preaching on how to reach your inner soul and spirit. She guides you on her wild path through the glamour and illusion of the fashion world, warning you not to turn to the dark side which she did but eventually came out of.

This hilarious, personal diary of a mad white woman in black, is not merely about fashion or how to get the mean look of a PR boss but is about finding your destiny and how to reach it in the honest truth. If you have to cry, go Read Kelly Cutrone’s book!

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