Theater Preview: Too Bad You Can’t Take It With You!

Spring play is expected to be a hit

Carolyn Conte ‘14
Staff Writer

The McNamara drama program is putting on You Can’t Take it With You as their annual spring play this year. Running from March 11-13, this Pulitzer prize-winning comedy is about an eccentric family who pursues their interests, hobbies and dreams no matter how odd they are, and about the story of what happens when one their daughters falls in love with a boy raised by a more “normal” house. McNamara’s rendition intends to entertain many and leave audiences with big smiles, starting opening night, March 11th.

Besides being funny, this play has moral themes hidden in it. The title, “You Can’t Take it with You” reminds audiences to consider the importance of tangible items. “The themes are really timeless. It shows a lot about the love of family, and emphasizes acceptance over materialism,” said director Ms. Mary Mitchell-Donahue. She’s also excited because “The characters are really great!”

“I always go! I love to. I think [McNamara plays] are really fun to watch. There’s so much talent, and I get to see a different side of my students, so it’s really fun,” said an animated Ms. Linda Corley of the Math Department. The last comedy by BMHS that she saw was Noises Off, from 2007. “It was one of the funniest things, it was hysterical! The kids really did a great job and pulled it off.”

The reason there hasn’t been a “modern day ha-ha,” as Ms. Donahue puts it, in a while, is “I want to expose students to a wide variety [of theatre] in the four years they are here. The same is true with musicals; there is a wide variety of composers the students are exposed to, so we aren’t just doing plays where it’s my favorite composer or something.”

“I’ve heard [McNamara plays] are really great and interesting, and that everybody should go see them,” said Bria Barber ‘13, who plans on seeing the much- awaited spring play.

The actors and actresses have been preparing for the play since the week after auditions started on January 4th. “At auditions the kids get to learn a little about the play,” explained Ms. Donahue. But as soon as casting is assigned, “we get straight to work!”

Elana Geary ‘14, one of only two freshman who has a role in the play, is “most excited about the chemistry on stage, which is really good.” Elana, who plays Gay Wellington (she refused to divulge who this character is and insists you come find out March 11th!) exclaims that “everyone is so nice.” Her brother Stephen Geary ‘12, who portrays “Grandpa,” agrees that the “community” is his favorite part of being involved with the play. Stephen is a little worried about lines after “all the days we had off from school.” Ms. Donahue, on the other hand, said she anticipated snow days. “When I am creating the rehearsal schedule I anticipate… some setbacks, but I figure that into the schedule.” So, don’t worry: “The students are very hardworking, and really good at doing what they’re expected,” Ms. Donahue said.

Tickets are available now on the school’s website for $10 per lucky guest, or you can easily purchase tickets at the office or during lunches. “I hope that the audience comes and has a good time first and foremost, and that they get the message of the play. I also hope that the students learn all the techniques of theatre… and work together as a team and family,” said Ms. Donahue. “Please come see it!” encourages Elana.

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