Winter Fashion 2010

Lezla Gooden '11 kicks back in the bleachers sporting her Cardy style Uggs. (Alexis Jenkins '11/THE STAMPEDE)

Bundled Up In Fashion

By Alexis Jenkins ‘11
Editor In-Chief/Features Editor

The time is 3:10 p.m., it’s Monday, you are standing under the awning at the back entrance of the school. Here, the parking lot is abuzz with carpools and traffic jams. The sidewalk and benches are filled with groups of friends huddling to stay warm and rave about their Christmas lists.

By the second scan of students evading aftercare, you realize something. The majority of people have the same little logo stitched into their coats. It seems to have three words and three lines forming a curve, upon squinting hard enough you make out the phrase: The North Face.

These coats stay zipped up tightly with their bright colors, removable linings, and a big brand name. But this was two years ago.

Once upon a time North faces were cherished by students, adults, and outdoors-men near and far. But this year, one group, the student, seems to be outgrowing the once popular coats. As The North Face falls out of favor this season, a more sophisticated style is on the rise. This trend is reminiscent of European high fashion, this trend is the pea coat. For girls, nothing quite compliments the pea coat more than a warm pair of Uggs. By now, Uggs are not new to the winter fashion scene but have become a staple and a closet essential.

North Face owner Gina Goffney ‘13 will not be wearing her North Face this winter. When asked what she will be wearing she says, “No North Face, It’s kind of like a trench, pea coat.”

Is the trend dying? North Face owners such as John Corley ‘12 and Bijon Lane ‘14 exclaim, “No!” On the contrary, Brandon Nelson ‘12 thinks, “Slightly; everybody’s wearing pea coats.” Pea coats may be winning the winter coat tug-of-war but Brandon and John still plan to invest in a new North Face this winter.

While the sporty winter coat remains in most peoples closets, Uggs, a returning winter fashion statement, are more popular than ever. Even though Ugg Australia produces styles for men and women, the shoes are widely irrelevant to boys. Most have deemed it a women’s fashion and agree they do not want to match their classmates or girlfriends. Uggs make their ever so popular return this season boasting a collaboration with Jimmy Choo and making Oprah’s list of favorite things. The prestige of big name support only compliments the new styles and colors of their signature sheepskin lined boots. For Gina, Uggs are not a trend anymore but are, “a classic part of fashion.”

The only thing that seems to restrict students from owning a new pea coat instead of a North Face or a new pair Uggs this year is cost! Most winter North Faces range from $200-300. Uggs also fall into the triple digit category but max out around $200. Trends such as these often times prove to be too expensive for the general population. John believes they are not very cost-worthy but his classmate, Brandon, reminds him, “No because eventually everyone is going to get them.” Gina seconds that opinion saying, “I just think that if some people are wearing it, then everyone wants it.”

If you stand under the awning today you will see a much more eclectic style. I don’t know whether it is the strong sense of self identity McNamara allows its students or whether people got tired of looking like everyone else. But whatever the reason is, students’ style has evolved. You can scan the perimeter to find multi-colored pea coats or military inspired jackets. You may even find a couple people still zipped up in North Faces evading aftercare. However, in fashion only one thing is certain, nothing lasts forever.

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