Save the Last Turkey

Class of ‘11 Senior Thanksgiving Dinner

Eric Darnell ‘12
Staff Writer

A typical thanksgiving dinner might be made up of 10, 15, sometimes even 20 people, but this isn’t the case at McNamara. This past November 18th, over 200 members of the Class of 2011 came together for the 6th Annual Senior Thanksgiving Dinner in the school cafeteria.

“I’m excited to come together with my class and have a great night,” said Jared St. Amant ‘11. Around 7 p.m., seniors started arriving with hands full of food, excited for the night’s coming events. Everywhere you looked there was at least a pair of seniors talking energetically or taking pictures. After most had arrived, senior class president Patrick Sensenig gave an introduction and introduced the speakers for the night, Maya Mitchell ‘11, Tyler Holmes ‘11, and Maya Smith ‘11.

Maya Mitchell, a transfer student that came to McNamara during her junior year, gave a heartfelt speech about the full McNamara experience she’s had even though she’s only been here for two years. When I asked her about how she went about writing it she responded, ”When I wrote the speech I really wanted to make sure I got how I really felt across. I meant every word.”
She was followed by the four-year student Tyler Holmes, who reminisced on his past years at BMHS and the strong bonds and memories he’s created here. The final speaker, Maya Smith, brought it all together with a prayer that was sincere and from the heart. After a few words from Principal Michael Hunt, it was time to eat.
The seniors devoured the food in what seemed like minutes and quickly ran through the piles of food that had been there originally. When the seniors were all sitting down, you could feel a real sense of community throughout the room.
Roxene Edwards ‘11 said, “It was good to come together in an intimate setting that we won’t get to have until the senior retreat at the end of the year.”

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