Nico Law ’11 commits to Iowa (Football)

Nico Law ‘11 Becomes Full-ride Hawkeye for Football

by Andrew Feather ‘13
Staff Writer / Media Club

(Photo courtsey Nico Law '11)

Bishop McNamara’s own Nico Law, a safety prospect rated three stars by and one of the most feared defensive players in the WCAC, committed to play football for the University of Iowa Hawkeyes next fall.  Nico, who received over twenty Division I Scholarship offers, made this decision after taking a trip to Iowa City for his official campus visit over Halloween weekend.  I caught up with Nico before the Mustangs season finale against the rival DeMatha Stags.  Here is what he had to say about his commitment.  (Note: Part of this interview was conducted through Facebook.)

Me: What made the University of Iowa stand out above the twenty other Division I Schools that offered you scholarships?
Nico Law: I thought Iowa was the perfect fit. Iowa is a winning team and [has] been a winning team for the past ten years. Their coaching staff has all been there for more then ten years. The majority of their players have eventually moved on to the NFL or achieved something great in life. I think the opportunity to play early was something that I want to do and having the chance to play on a big stage that is filled with 75,000 plus fans.  Plus they have one of the best defenses in collegiate football, something I would want to be a part of.

Me: According to a report by the Washington Post you had a negative impression of Iowa going into your official visit this past weekend.  What changed your view of the school and the surrounding areas?
Nico: My first negative thought was: What can I possibly do in Iowa? Nothing! I can’t do this for the next 4 years. When I went up to Iowa I actually realize that [the University of] Iowa was located in Iowa City. There was more to do up there then I thought and the people were more genuine then the type of people I have grown up with, seen, or surround myself with everyday. I felt like I was stepping into the home, a family.

Me: How big of an influence did Coach Ferentz and the staff have on your decision?
Nico: The coach had some influence on me as far as stability wise and just being [welcoming]. I respected the coach’s character and started to feel more comfortable about my surroundings.

Me: How big of an affect did the Hawkeyes 37-6 blowout win over previously undefeated Michigan State, a game you were in attendance at, have on your decision to verbally commit?
Nico: Man, the game was crazy — I never seen so many fans in my life! Even though they blew them out it really didn’t impact my decision because I expected that.  Iowa is about that business!

Me: Brandon Coleman (McNamara c/o 2010), currently a redshirted freshman at Rutgers,  stated that a strong relationship with QB Tom Savage played a major role in his college choice.  Do you have any such relationships that have swayed you to choose Iowa?
Nico: Marcus Coker from the [DC Metro Area] who went to DeMatha and a couple other guys from New Jersey.

Me: What was the whole recruiting process like for you?  Did you enjoy it or was it stressful?
Nico: The recruiting process was probably the one of the most cherished moments of my life. I got to see over 10 plus college campuses and the way they do things. I got to experience the media like being interviewed almost every other day, meeting wise men who made me mature faster and having the opportunity to actually have my own fans.  It was kind of stressful too because you never know what decision you make in life will lead you to the right direction you want to take.  I had the opportunity to go to more then twenty schools but you can only choose one.  I had to do a lot of research.

Me: When did you first start following Hawkeye Football?  Did you follow them at all before they started recruiting you?
Nico: I never was a fan but I love watching college football so if you’re on TV, then you better believe I’m watching. So yes I [had] been watching them before the recruiting process.

Me: In College, specifically the Big-10 where a smash mouth style of play is commonplace you will be banging bodies with players much bigger then you.  What do you plan on doing to be able to match up better physically with these guys?
Nico: In my style of play I really don’t look at size. To me it’s all about heart and faith. I got a big heart so I plan to fulfill my aspirations.  Each person on the field puts their clothes on just like me, why can’t I be the best on the field?  I plan to workout Monday Meter this football season is over.  I’m not really concerned with my size because when I go to college they are going to easily put 20 or more pounds on me. I’m going to workout twice a day and work on areas such as my speed and strength.

Me: Do you believe that it will be easy for you to transition from being an Outside Linebacker (OLB) in high school to being a safety in college?
Nico: It is what it is.  Whatever I need to do to get on the field I will do to perfection.  So if they decide to move me back to OLB, best to believe I’m laying down the law.

Me: Has it been talked about at all whether you will be redshirted freshman year or if you will contend for immediate playing time?
Nico: I’m really not sure if I will be redshirted but I highly doubt it. I think this really depends on if I learn the game quick enough.

Me: What did you do over the summer to work on your game leading into the season?  Did you attend many team or individual camps?
Nico: I have never attended any football camps except Maryland during my sophomore year. I think attending camps isn’t necessary. My whole offseason [work out routine] consisted of 4 workouts a day. My whole attitude was to be the best on the field no matter what.  In the summer I worked out 6:30-8:30 every morning with my personal trainer Andre. Then worked out again at 12:00, ate lunch, and took a nap. Then had team lifting at 5:30-6:30, worked out on the field, then came home and did my daily routine of a thousand push-ups.

Me: What do you believe your biggest strengths are?
Nico: My biggest strengths are probably my heart and speed.  I never quit even when my team quits on me. I play for respect and the love of the game. I am faster then most of the people on the field and I have competitive speed.

Me: What do you feel you still need to work on as a player to excel at the Division I level?
Nico: I feel as though I can work on everything to help me excel on the collegiate level. If there is an area to become better in, then there is always room for improvement.

Me: Do you plan on going to your remaining official visits before National Signing Day?
Nico: I only plan on going to my official visit with Maryland.

Me: You started playing football your freshman year at Bishop McNamara.  When you first tried out did you ever even think football would open the doors that they have for you today?
Nico: It’s kind of crazy you ask me that because when I look back I still can’t believe this happened to me. I never even played football until high school.  I feel as though I’m living a dream.  Road to success!

Me: Before I go, how do you think the Iowa Hawkeyes will do next season with you on their team?
Nico: They will do the same thing they do every year! Win!

Me: Thank you, good luck in the classroom and on the field at Iowa.

Iowa is a prestigious school with great coaching,  aggressive practices, and competitive conference games. This along with rigorous academics will help Nico continue on his path to becoming a well rounded and successful individual.  All of us in the McNamara community want to wish Nico luck as he continues his football career in the spotlight at a top ten university.


Andrew Feather ’13 is the founder and chief writer of the blog

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