Sperry’s Gone Mandatory

New uniform shoes. (Eric Darnell/The Stampede)

Sperry’s Gone Mandatory

The freshmen class of 2014 is the first to be required to wear Sperry’s as a uniform shoe.

By Candace Brinkley ‘12
Staff Writer

What started off as a Catholic School trend is now a mandatory shoe for Bishop McNamara’s Freshman class. Bishop McNamara is requiring that the freshmen wear Sperry’s, a brand of boat shoes.

According to Mr. Brady, Dean of Students and Assistant Principal, the problem with the old shoe policy was that some students took advantage of their freedom, arriving to school in unprofessional black sneakers or boots. Students were allowed to pick their own shoe for the uniform, and girls usually chose a black or brown ballet flat and boys chose a simple black dress shoe. Now the freshman do not have a choice, and in the year 2014 this will be true for the entire school.

The Deans of Discipline came to the decision of a school wide policy change and Mr. Victor Shin, Assistant Principal for Student Life, was put in charge of the purchase of merchandise with retailers. The decision was made without any formal consultation with students for their input.

“It’s good. It’s fashionable. It’s comfortable. It’s affordable,” said Mr. Shin. Mr. Brady says that having one shoe cuts down on interpretations of the handbook, and also adds uniformity.

Students seem to have a different take on the new policy based on their grade level. The freshmen are the first class required to wear the same shoe, and therefore are the most affected by the change.

“I don’t like them. They are not practical or waterproof,” Clarissa Corey-Bey ‘14 explains. Sperry’s are not water resistant and can be bothersome in the rain.

Other freshmen complained that the shoe costs more than what it is actually worth. The shoes cost between fifty and seventy dollars and can be found in shoe stores such as DSW or through school uniform suppliers

To the upperclassmen, this issue is not as pressing since they are not directly affected with the new policy. “It is just another part of the uniform. A tad expensive but worth it for the overall look of the uniform,” comments Janierah Jones ‘12. Other upperclassmen who do not prefer or insist Sperry’s are not their style simply do not wear them. Like it or not the Sperry’s are here to stay.

One thought on “Sperry’s Gone Mandatory”

  1. I must say, I bought my first pair of Sperrys before my sophomore year, and they have held up very well. Until literally earlier this week, they had been a strong, multi-purpose shoe, until the stitching between the side leather and sole started to become undone.

    But that’s 2 1/2 years of wearing them, and I mean really wearing them. Not only did I wear them to school, they were a cool shoe that I could wear just about anywhere. I wear it to church (and places that require similar attire), work, or even the mall with my friends! It can look decent with just about anything, and it’s incredibly easy to slip on and off, and not to mention despite it’s lack of support it’s not that uncomfortable.

    I don’t understand why it being waterproof or not is important, especially considering the alternatives people wear aren’t typically waterproof anyway… But the stitching between the pieces is very tight, and water didn’t seem to get through the leather at all.

    The only problem I had with the shoe was how low cut it is, meaning walking through a puddle or show is a sure way to get your foot soaked, by it going in over the top. But the shoe itself was water resistant, the ability of water to go over the top was the only hindrance.

    I do agree with the reasoning of the administration, people were taking the freedom that was granted to them way to far. “Nike Boots” and “Pradas”, which are each pure black shoes, aren’t really dress shoes, but many students tried (and usually succeeded) in wearing them and getting away with it.

    Overall, despite not being forced to wear them, I choose to for various reasons, and I have been incredibly happy with them over the past 2 1/2 years.

    Since my new ones are breaking, I’m going to get the same pair I had, because I was so content with them.

    Now, the administration needs to start enforcing the policy along with all their other rules.

    And also, (insert x movement here, like AIDS) awareness should NOT be an excuse to blatantly dress out of uniform and break the rules.

    And for the record, this is the style I own. I highly recommend it: http://www.sperrytopsider.com/store/SiteController/sperry/productdetails?stockNumber=0197640&showDefaultOption=true&skuId=***7********0197640*M065&productId=7-100210&catId=cat90046DM

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