Mustangs Go Pink

Darius Baxter '11, watches Varsity Football's Pink game against St. John's. (Carmela Rourke '11/ The Stampede)

Mustangs Go Pink

Bishop McNamara High School support Breast Cancer Awareness month for the second year in a row through the Mustangs Go Pink Campaign

By Alexandra Vinci ‘11
Editor in Chief

If real men wear pink then McNamara is full of real men.

The “Mustangs Go Pink” campaign is up for its second year in a row and the school is going full-fledged pink. The science department, National Science Honor Society, student council, and the athletic department teamed up to get the school behind Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The volleyball, soccer, and football teams were all “‘swaggin’ pink” as Nico Law ‘11 said on WMAC. They had pink tape, pink socks, and pink pre-wrap so when the players were competing, one could clearly tell they were representing the pink.

Thomas Ferrara ‘11 showed his excitement for his “pink” game, “It’s going to be fun. We get to wear pink socks. And maybe I’ll go out and buy some pink shoelaces, and maybe I’ll get a pink headband. Maybe.”

The rest of the school’s chance to get involved in the dress down day on Friday, October 8th. For two dollars, one could dress down in an outfit that was at least 50% pink, and many students went further than that. All of the proceeds are to be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. According to Ms. Kazimer the school raised about $2000 in its efforts.

Last year was the first year for the campaign, an idea that was brought to Ms. Denise Kazimer, science department chair, by the volleyball team. They had taken part in the Dig Pink volleyball tournament that had supported breast cancer as well. Ms. Kazimer then took the idea saying that “In supporting this, we’re supporting all cancers.” Many members of the McNamara community have been either personally affected or known someone who is affected by cancers such as Breast Cancer.

To add to the events, Jennifer Retener ‘11 decided to contribute with her senior service project. She made pink hair bows and sold them at her church and at lunch for one dollar. All of the proceeds went to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well. She got the idea because making these bows was already a hobby of hers. “She’s always made bows ever since she was little, so she thought she could use one of her skills for the betterment of something else,” said Jennifer’s close friend Kelsey Jones ‘11.

The fact that the whole school was getting behind to support meant a lot to some students. Brandon Whitelow ‘13 appreciated the support, being that he has an Aunt who has survived breast cancer. “It’s good to see kids who understand,” he said.

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