Tik Tok Make It Stop

Tik Tok Make It Stop

Why the pop sensation Ke$ha should not be famous

By Elise Nagy’12
Staff Writer

If you’re like me, you’ve heard and hated the repetitive meaningless lyrics and sounds of Ke$ha.

Elise Nagy '12, Columnist for The Stampede

She began her career in 2006, but she was not fully recognized until she appeared in Flo Rida’s “Right Round.” In that particular song you see how Ke$ha has no deep part in the song or lyrics, the only part you hear her is attempt at backup vocals repeatedly saying, “You spin my head right round, right round…..” then it fades to auto-tune. Now I’m not against auto-tune but I am against the lack of creativity. The still-frequent use of auto-tune in Ke$ha`s songs is either to stall time in her songs because her lyrics won’t make the cut for the whole song, or simply because she is poorly trying to be unique in her sounds.

Some people listen to songs only for their beat, but in Ke$ha’s case, that is the only thing you can listen to in her music. In her song “Tik Tok,” she talks about what she does to prepare for a party, and when I say “talk” I mean she literally talks. The way she performs her songs can barely be classified as vocals.

If you haven’t seen any of Ke$ha’s videos, you might think she still has some hope of a music career through her videos. But whatever video you choose, it is still just as much of a letdown as her music. The video “Tik Tok” does not get you more interested in the song, but actually makes you detest it more. Her repetitive dance moves, similar to her repetitive lyrics, can be seen in every shot of the video. Not that you wouldn’t want to be distracted from the song, but her sexual moments and cries for attention take away from what is left of the song.

Her videos make you wonder what is actually making her so popular. Is it her sexuality, beats, or her lyrics? It definitely is not her talent, or poor efforts to be a decent pop artist. You would think that Ke$ha`s claimed strong influences such as Blondie, The Talking Heads and Prince, could combine to create a strong respectable pop star, but actually it creates a mess, and a feeding ground for teeny-boppers. While you are at homecoming, belting out Ke$ha lyrics and dancing all over people to her songs, just remember what an amazing artist she really is…

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