Mod(est) Style for Homecoming

How Guys and Girls Can Dress Stylishly with Modesty for Homecoming

By Vania Brown ‘12
Staff Writer

The Homecoming dance is less than a week away and you have no clue what to wear! That dressy outfit in the back of your closet is outdated and doesn’t fit. Next best thing is a shopping spree! But let’s not forget the letter sent home last year about homecoming attire for McNamara students. As intelligent and talented young ladies and gentlemen of Bishop McNamara High School, we are expected to “Live like Jesus Christ.” Therefore we must dress modestly and appropriately for our semi-formal Homecoming dance.

We as females have the most challenging task when preparing for a night out. Making sure that everything fits appropriately, that our hair and makeup is on point and on top of that, still strut those incredibly cute shoes that hurt our freshly painted toes. My advice: Either break in the pumps or pack some slippers! But the most important of all this preparation is that our dress reflects modesty. “Still be beautiful, but modest,” wonderfully put by Ms. Duclos, is the right way to dress.

The most popular dress styles this homecoming season are strapless, one shoulder, halter, and the usual spaghetti strap. Ladies, please avoid plunging necklines or anything overly revealing.

Length of the homecoming dress is vital as well. Are you choosing a dress that is long or short? “Definitely a short dress… It’s homecoming not prom,” Christin Coleman ‘12 responded without hesitation. Typically for a semi-formal event, a shorter dress is suitable, but by all means, dare to be different.

As far as colors and prints to look for when choosing your perfect homecoming dress, you should find something that enhances your skin tone, and compliments your shape. Abstract patterns, ruffles, and bold, bright colors are trendy and fun. “Black has not been a major seller,” said sales clerk Neicey Burruss, of the Macy’s at Bowie Town Center. However, Navy blue and pink have been rated the top sales in homecoming dress colors. Many dresses in online catalogs possess an eye-catching feature that is both unique and puts a signature on the entire outfit, making it complete. Provide an element of “POP!” to your homecoming frock by adding loud accessories.

If your dress looks as though it should be worn to a club or seen in a music video, it is inappropriate for homecoming. “Nothing too short, too tight, too revealing,” says Ms. Brenda Stevens, Dean of Students. Quoting Mr. Clark’s letter on homecoming attire from last year, remember to “consider this when trying on dresses, ‘Is this outfit appropriate for me to wear as a part of a Catholic school community?’” If you already have a homecoming dress and it does not fit McNamara’s standards of modesty, then add a cute shawl to your ensemble, or wear tights and flat shoes. With any dress you choose, make sure that you feel beautiful, happy, and comfortable in it. CAUTION: Avoid floral prints on light-weight cotton cloths. Though this dress is most likely half-off on the clearance rack, it is “Summery” and out of season.

Guys, homecoming is your time to shine! If you are striving to be extra debonair, then definitely wear a suit jacket. Corsages are most common for prom season, not homecoming. The must-haves in men’s homecoming fashion is a dress shirt, tie, slacks, and dress shoes. Please do not wear jeans or sneakers fellas!

Colors that work very nicely together: red and brown, brown and blue, burgundy and tan, and of course the usual black and white. If you are having difficulties choosing the color of your ensemble, remember every color goes with black and white. Try to avoid crazy, over powering rainbow-bright colors for this kind of event. Popular prints this season include pin stripes, argyle, and general solid colors. The “in style” look is also the big knot tie. This should be worn with a spread collar shirt to eliminate bunching. If you are a guy who is not into wearing a suit jacket, then by all means a sweater vest without buttons, a blazer, or a cardigan is stylish as well. Your shoes and belt should be the same color, and your socks should match your pants. Choose pieces that are comfortable and fit nicely. Any outfit can be made dressier simply by adding cuff links and a jazzy tie.

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