Marco Clark Chosen as New President

Principal Marco Clark, President Heather Gossart and Board Chair Daniel Curtin together after the announcement that Marco Clark will be the new president of Bishop McNamara High School. (Thomas Ingle / The Stampede)

By A.C. Brown ’10 and Brandi Bottalico ’10
News Editors

Principal Marco Clark ’85 was announced as the next president of Bishop McNamara High School, in a faculty meeting Monday morning called by the Board of Directors, and then later in an announcement made to students during homeroom.

According to board chair Daniel Curtin, of the final three candidates Mr. Clark was the only one from inside the McNamara community. He was chosen because of his thirteen-year experience as principal and his commitment to the Holy Cross tradition. The candidates were from a total of nine states, but as Mr. Curtin put it, “We found out we have him right here in our backyard.” Mr. Curtin believes Mr. Clark is the best for the job and will bring the school “from strong to stronger.”

President Heather Gossart said, “There is no one you could find that would love or serve the school better than Mr. Clark.” Mrs. Gossart admits that although it’s hard to walk away from something she loves, she is comforted by knowing the school is in good hands.

“You just don’t replace a Mrs. Heather Gossart,” said Mr. Clark, although he was happy to be selected. Mr. Clark said his love for the school pulled him towards applying for the presidency. Among his many hopes for his upcoming presidency, one is to make alumni more visible within the school community through the use of scholarships, reunions and an alumni association.

During his acceptance speech Mr. Clark called on teachers and staff to follow his example and said, “Let each one of us be an architect for the future.” His tenure as president will begin July 1, 2010. The first question that needs to be answered is who will become the new Principal of Bishop McNamara High School. As the new president Mr. Clark will begin searching for his replacement as principal immediately.

Another journey for McNamara’s future has begun, the search for a principal; yet the search for our new president has come to a close. Mrs. Gossart said it best, “The gift that I asked the committee for is that they would bring in someone that would love the school and students the way I do, and I believe today I got that gift.”

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