The Rivalry Renewed: Competition in the WCAC

Brandon Joyner ’11

Staff Writer

A rivalry can mean many different things. To some, it means to strongly dislike another school. To others, it may not be a big deal. To our athletic director, Anthony Johnson, a rivalry is when those schools in a conference exchange victories and defeats as well. There are many memorable rivalries in pro sports such as the Redskins versus the Cowboys, the Celtics versus the Lakers, or the Yankees versus the Red Sox. When it comes to high school sports, it becomes a little unique.

The WCAC is widely considered one of the toughest conferences in high school sports. In the WCAC, there are rivalries all around the conference, but for some alumni, the current rivalries we have today were not what they experienced years ago.

Mr. Johnson, a 1988 graduate of McNamara, played basketball for the mustangs and said that some of the rivalries he considered back in his day are not considered rivals now. In basketball, the mustangs were rivals against St. Johns, Carroll, DeMatha, and a old conference school named Macon High School. Johnson also said that it was very different in 1988, when McNamara and many other schools in the WCAC were all boys schools and the competition was very high, but different sports have different rivals. Counselor Roland Grimes, who played football at McNamara, said that they were also rivals with DeMatha, Carroll, St. Johns and also O’Connell. When asked about how the conference is currently, he said that the conference has become more talented, competitive and wide open so that anyone can win.

There many differences between WCAC several years ago and the WCAC currently. One change Mr. Johnson has noticed around the conference is that girls basketball has become a lot more competitive. Many of the other schools throughout our conference consider McNamara a rival. Another contributor to the rivalries has been the help of the internet. Mr. Johnson said that social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have made the rivalries more healthy and are building more with other schools. Overall, the WCAC is a very diverse conference that expects intense, more competitive games and rivalries to develop in the future.

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