Swimming Grows Closer While Diving Breaks Records

Casey Gouldman '11 and Addie Miller '11 get ready to swim againist the opponent St. Albans. Photo by Jackie Corley '10.

By AC Brown ’10
Sports Editor

Now that their seasons are over, the swimming and diving program can reflect on this year’s highlights.

Jenny Klimczak, the swimming coach, summed up the swimming season saying the team was “doing their best.” She expanded on this for the boys who won all but two of their meets. This year, the swim team was able to have a team of fifty people. The new comers have fully embraced their new membership with the swim team.

Raven Proctor describes the current team like a “family of brothers and sisters.”

This year has been quite a momentous year for diving. Jada Winston ’10 won first place at Metros which is the competition for the “most elite” divers with a score of 169.15. In addition, this score broke a twelve year record that was held by David Hoffmaster ’98 who scored six point lower than Jada’s score. Donald Perham, the diving coach, described Jada as “courageous” and “hard-working.”

Ms. Klimczak talked about the continuing improvement of Cole Holloma ’13 and Carmela Rourke ’11 and believes they will be significant contributors next year.

Jada’s departure will leave a significant void in next year’s diving lineup. Her contributions will definitely be missed.

Tyler Bryant '11.  Photo by Grant Hill '10.
Tyler Bryant '11. Photo by Grant Hill '10.

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