Subway Rises from the Ashes

Thomas Ingle ’10
Staff Writer

Bishop McNamara can finally enjoy their five dollar foot-longs once again since the Subway in Forestville has returned.
On May 6, 2009 six stores, Subway being one of them, were destroyed in a gas explosion at the Penn-Mar Shopping center only minutes away from our school.
The gas leak originated in a vacant store and leaked throughout the six businesses at the end of the strip mall. At the first smell of gas, a pizza bakery employee called 911 and the emergency responders arrived at the scene. Firefighters explored the evacuated building and a noticed a small fire broke out in the back; eventually the fire erupted and the building exploded. Some of the emergency responders suffered second degree burns and wounds from the flying glass.
The actual explosion was caught on a dashboard camcorder mounted in a firetruck.
Out of the six stores, only one of them has returned, and that is the Subway. Currently, the Subway is located in the same shopping center only six shops down from its former location.

See the footage of the explosion and coverage below.

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