Friar Pete Talks Sex and Relationships

Photo by Brandi Bottalico '10.

By Brandi Bottalico ’10
News Editor

The first FAQ with Friar Pete Tremblay, on sex and relationships, was held in the Bishop McNamara Library on March 16th 2010, and incorporated faith into modern issues relating to sexuality.

“Relieving, truthful, and honest,” Taylor Parker ’12 stated, describing the first session.

Many who went found it to be unexpectedly open and non-critical. Teachings were not imposed or forced upon the audience, just merely explained. There were only three rules: Confidentiality, no teachers, and no judgement.

“I just came to listen. I expected everyone to be quiet and non-responsive,” stated Colleen Flemming ’10. The expectations were broken once the initial momentum was built and the library was transformed into a safe, comfortable environment where anything could be asked without judgement.

“It was great. I was really happy that people felt comfortable,” said Friar Pete at the conclusion of the two hour discussion about sex and relationships.

These FAQ’s will be held once every couple weeks with a different topic for each. The tentative topic for the next FAQ is other religions, according to Friar Pete, the open-minded, non-judgmental, realistic Franciscan Friar who moved in next door to Bishop McNamara.

“He was real,” stated Ayanna Coates ’12, referring to Friar Pete, after she summed up the experience as “enlightening.”

It was an utter success, two thumbs up.

For the first FAQ with Friar Pete, there was a great showing of students. Teachers were not allowed, to provide confidentiality and open discussion. Photo by Brandi Bottalico '10.

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