Fresh Runners, Brand New Team

Staff Writer
by:Taylor Brown ’11

Returning runners are keeping the Track and Feild team competitive.  Team Captain, Kiertson LaRoche is an all-around athlete. She is a tremendous jumper and a multi-event player. A multi-event player does everything such as hurdles, long jump, high jump, 400, 4×200, and so on.  Her personal record in the high jump is 5’6 and in the long jump she jumped 18 feet. She did really well in the meet in Mahattan, New York on January 9. She competed in the hispanics games, placing 1st in the long jump finals with a distance of 18-2.5 3.  Although, LaRoche has proved to everyone that she is an athlete. She strives to place third in a multi-event, jump above 15 feet in the long jump, and 5’8 in the high jump.   She added, “I’m very proud of the team with all the hard work and effort everyone has put in this year.”  The mustangs have a strong group of girl runners lead by seniors Maya Lewis and Chanae Davis. Lewis sprints and jumps. She triple Jump – 34-2 and long Jump – 14-11 as her personal best.
January 23- Lewis ran a new season best time of 26.05 in the 200m at Kevin Dare High School Invitational, placing 4th. Davis sprints and runs mid distance. She PR (personal record)1:31.86  at the the F.I.T (Friends indoor Track and Feild).    The second team captain, Alexis Stroman 11′ (hurdles, sprints) is having a great year. She had broken the record of the 55 hurdles in the F.I.T. She PR  8.3 in the BCIA.  Stroman individual best performance this season was when she PR 41.54 in the 300m at the DCIAA Invitational on January 13.  She said, “As a whole we all look better and we are more unified as a team. Everyone gets along, it’s not cliqueish.” Including Juniors Chyna Brown (400m, high jump), Shannell Debraux (long, triple, high jumps, sprints), and Angelique Payne (sprints, hurdles) who are great runners as well.    The Boys did really well in the DCIAA Invitational. Led by their third team Captain Christopher Spriggs 10′ who is an outstanding 400m 800m runner.  January 10-13- Christopher ran a PR of 37.55 in the 300m at DCIAA Invitational and he PR 53.99 in the 400m at Hispanic Games presented by The Navy.   There are many juniors that are performing terrific this season.  Nigel Crawley 11′ who is one of the top hurdlers in the metro area, won second place in the hurdles of DCIAA Invitational meet with a PR 7.66.  Distance runners Matthew Feather and Christian Harrison both have high endurance.  Feather PR 11:46.52 and Harrison PR 10:39:06 in the 3200m at the DCIAA.  Avery Gaskin 400m 800m runner said, “We try to make each other better when we race each other at practice.” Avery’s teammwork helped runner Christopher Mattocks finish the 4×4 in 51 seconds at the PGC meet.     Additional, freshmen David Stone is a fast runner, who recently ran a PR of 36.87 in the 300m at DCIAA Invitational, placing 4th.

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