Blessed Brother Andre to Be Canonized

Matt Nuñez ’12
Staff Writer

Long live the Saints! Two weeks after the historic Super Bowl, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI announced that Blessed Brother Andre Bessette, C.S.C., will be canonized into the sainthood. Brother Andre will become the first member of the Brothers of the Holy Cross to be canonized.

Brother Andre was born in Montreal in 1845 and worked as a doorkeeper at a Holy Cross school for forty years of his life. Apart from his job, Brother Andre cared for the sick and performed miracles in the name of St. Joseph, the patron saint of the Brothers of the Holy Cross. During his years of work, millions flocked to see him at his church in Canada. At his funeral in 1937, over a million people came to pay their respects.
The Congregation of the Holy Cross was founded by Father Basil Moreau in 1837. The main intention of the order was to emphasize the importance of education. Since then, the Congregation has been successful in doing so with such schools as the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana; St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas; and various high schools throughout the world, including our own community. Here at McNamara, the spirit of Holy Cross is reminded to us every day, through religion classes, community prayer services and even morning prayers where we ask for the guidance of Father Moreau and Brother Andre.
As a Holy Cross School, Brother Andre’s canonization is a proud time for all families of Bishop McNamara. “It’s a wonderful thing for this school,” said Shane Kelly ’12, “We grow with this Saint.” Robert Nolte, Math Department Chair, felt the same way, “To have someone represent Holy Cross as well as Brother Andre did become a saint is an amazing thing for our community.”
Brother Andre will be canonized on Oct. 17 in Vatican City. Needless to say, the day will bring great pride to all Holy Cross schools and from then on, morning prayer will end with, “St. Andre Bessette, pray for us.”

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