Another Night of Poetry

Dillon DiSalvo

Staff Reporter

On Friday Jan. 22 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm, there was a night of poems, music, drama and hot drinks held in the fine arts theater. It was another exciting night for students to come express themselves at the coffee house. People who have been going to these since freshman year, as well as newcomers, enjoyed a time of relaxed fellowship while one by one performing monologues, poems and songs. Senior Jada Winston came for the first time on Friday. She said, “It was fun and comfortable; there was no need to be shy.” 

While the coffee house retains its charm, it’s attendance has been dwindling for the past two years. The lack of advertising is to blame. There were only two announcements put in on WMAC. Students who wanted to participate may not have been aware that there was a coffee house. Junior Patrick Steeger said, “I only heard about it from the announcements.”

Seniors Peter Snow and Veronica Hunt perform at the first coffeehouse of the year.

 However, regardless of how many were in attendance, those who were there had a great time. English teacher Matthew Buckley had this to say on the matter, “It is a different beast from what it was before. The decreased attendance has made it more uniform.” Between the performances and sips of tea or hot chocolate there was nonstop laughter. Maybe the smaller crowd leads to a better time had by all, but anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend and share their music and poetry. The next one is scheduled for Feb. 26, so mark the calendar, grab a mug and come relax and enjoy the coffee house. 

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