Ms. Hayes Wins Award

Megan Ardovini ’13

Staff Writer

After 500 entries and more than 221,000 votes, the results are in. Bishop McNamara’s very own LaSandra Hayes has rightfully received first place. Our esteemed freshman seminar teacher, Ms. LaSandra Hayes, has been awarded the Gazette’s “My Favorite Teacher” award. The students of Bishop McNamara and members of the surrounding communities mutually agreed that she was deserving of the Prince George’s county award for a high school teacher. To be eligible for this award, a student must have submitted a nomination form for the teacher they believed to be a truly amazing educator and always willing to take that extra step to help those students and members of the community who are lucky enough to cross their path. Rone Young ’13 is to thank for entering Ms. Hayes in the my favorite teacher contest and bringing the beautiful gift we have to the attention of the surrounding community. His essay really expressing how Bishop McNamara feels about our wonderful Ms. Hayes.

Everyone is a Freshman at some point, so therefore you have or will have passed through Ms. Hayes’ door. In her interview with the Gazette, Ms. Hayes shared, “As an educator you are able to spark, enhance, ignite a flame that exists in every child and to me that is a wonderful opportunity to help a young person’s light to shine.” Ms. Hayes settles for no less each and everyday.

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