Photo Essay: Exam Week

Pictures of mid-term exam week, December 2009.
by Jacqueline Wills ’10, Photo Editor
English teacher, Mr. Ryan Meczkowski and subsitute, Mr. Gregory Vazzana anxiously prepare for the first midterms of the week on Tuesday morning by hoarding some Starbucks, rearranging the classroom, and locating the test materials.
Seniors, now without US History II teacher Sean Dougherty for questions and answers, rely on the knowledge within to complete their exams in first period Tuesday morning.
teacher, Mr. Michael Pozniak gleams and shakes with excitement when discussing a very serious subject during a review for his midterm exam on Monday December 14th.
English teacher Mr. Matthew Buckley '98 plays with a yo-yo in his hand, happy the first midterm day is over.

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