New Baby Adopted into McNamara Family

Megan Timms ’11

Staff Writer

One of our teachers is traveling to Western Africa to pick up his son. On January 13, 2010, religion teacher, Mr. Monahan and his family are adopting a child. He has been waiting to be able to adopt and now is the time. He is traveling to Aeddis, Ethiopia to adopt an eight month old boy named Ekubamariam. When asked on the reason for adopting he stated, “There are kids that need a family, we are family.” He will be spending 10 days there and is having a two month leave to spend time with and adapt to the new addition to his family. He will be returning on March 15, but for now is excited about getting his new son. “We are like Brad and Angelina, only more glamorous and better looking,” he said jokingly on how he felt about the whole experience.

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