A Finished Novel in 30 Days

Web badge from http://www.nanowrimo.orgby Grace Kelly ’10
In-Depth / Features Editor

30 days. 50,000 words. Ready set go! This is the exact amount of time that junior Carmela Rourke spent on her novel entry for the Nanowrimo contest which was for National Novel Writing Month in November. Carmela along with other worldwide contestants submitted a combined total of two billion words by the deadline date on November 30th.

Her novel discusses the battle verse good and evil. She describes this accomplishment as, “A lot of fun but a challenge.” As a result of competing in this contest, Carmela will have her novel printed and bound for free, and have the opportunity to have it sold on Amazon. She was also given a list of email addresses of publishers.

When asked if she will compete again, she said that her previous novel is a cliff hanger and she wants to finish it with a sequel.

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