STAFF EDITORIAL: Homecoming Attire: Scandalous or Seemly?



It takes weeks of searching for a dress, hours of putting on make-up and styling hair, yet in simply seconds a faculty member could tell you to take that dress, hair, and make-up right back home because they don’t find it appropriate. Is preparing that much really worth going back home to sit on the sofa while your friends are having an evening at the dance that they will be talking about when Monday rolls around….?

Exactly. I didn’t think so. Why let something as silly as the dress you’re wearing ruin your night?

After the past homecoming, a letter was sent out to all students of our school community. This letter, addressed to all parents, referenced the fashion choices made by the women at the homecoming dance. The rule in the agenda book clearly states, “Students whose clothing styles are inappropriate or deemed to be too bare or immodest will not be allowed to attend the dance.” The Stampede finds that this rule is unnecessary unless it is enforced. Therefore, if this rule was implemented, people would take this matter more seriously.

Think twice before leaving the house in something that wouldn’t be appropriate. Don’t think that just because you’re covering more that you don’t look amazing. Less DOES NOT equal more. There are many outfits that fit the criteria of the dress code that could easily be seen worn by most celebrities. By “modesty” Mr. Clark is not saying you should be wearing a t-shirt and a skirt to the floor. He wants you to look good and in good taste.

So, for students, here’s some advice so that you don’t end up being the one turned away at the door for next dance. First, we see that depending upon your body type, height, etc., you know what you can pull off without it looking trashy or immodest. For example, the same dress worn by two different girls, one being four inches taller or a few sizes larger, may not look as tasteful. Therefore, consider your body type and know what looks good on you, not someone else. Second, ask yourself honestly if you think you would wear it to a nice event you’re going to with your grandmother. Would grandma look at you proudly and say what a beautiful young lady you are? Or would she offer to take out the hem on your skirt? Lastly, just be aware of the environment in which you will be; a Catholic high school dance, not a night club, and not in a music video. We want you to look good, but it’s not necessary to show too much in order to do so.

So ladies, let’s step it up and not let this be you at the next school event.


The staff editorial is authored through a group process. The Opinion Editors select one or more topics for debate by the staff. After the staff has discussed the issue and approached a consensus on the topic, the Opinion Editors write on behalf of the entire staff.  The staff then reviews and approves the final editorial before publication.

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