Model United Nations, Guitar Club Formed

by AJ Gonzalez ’10
Staff Writer

Dillon DiSalvo '10 looks on as the new John Shryock speaks to the newly formed guitar club.
Dillon DiSalvo '10 looks on while Mr. John Shryock, faculty moderator, speaks to the newly formed guitar club.

From cooking and fashion, to poetry and culture, McNamara has always had a good reputation for great clubs. With the new school year unfolding, two exciting clubs have been added to the already impressive list of fifty-four clubs held here at McNamara! The guitar club, moderated by teacher John Shryock, and the re-introduction of Model UN, moderated by teacher Justin McClain are the newest arrivals on the list.

Mr. McClain’s goal for Model UN is to “expose students to global issues going on throughout the world.” In model UN, students will learn more about international relations and how to help solve global crises around the world. During regular club meetings, members will be discussing global current events. Mr. McClain does plan to have guest speakers and field trips to embassies throughout the year to learn about other cultures. Eventually, they will go to the UN building in New York City. Model UN should be joined by people willing to dedicate their time and commit to learning about international relations.

For musicians wanting a place to hang out after school, there is always the new guitar club, moderated by Mr. Shryock. He says this new club is “to give a singer or songwriter and other performers a place to be, perform and hang out with each other.” No prior knowledge about guitars is necessary but a desire to learn about music is. t will be “a place where bassists and singers to be in the spotlight,” Mr. Shyrock says. However, this club is not an opportunity for free lessons. As Mr. Shryock mentions, “It’s a club, not a class.” Plans for this club over the year have not yet been determined, but there will possibly be a concert in the future. Students looking for anything to do in their spare time have plenty of choices. With the new guitar club and model UN now joining the list, there is definitely something for everyone.

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