Eyes Around the School

Brandi Bottalico ’10
Staff Reporter
Feel like you’re being watched? You could almost swear that the eyes of that statue of Bishop McNamara were just following you? Well, no worries — the school’s security isn’t invasive and doesn’t subtract from the enjoyment of our building. Due to recent security breaches, the administrative board has decided to take some precautionary steps to tighten up the security. There is now a mass of metal fixed above the door frame between the beginning of the concourse and the morning entrance hall. This security gate is the beginning of the process of advancing the school’s safety.
Soon, another security gate will be added in Holy Cross Hall. Another brand new accommodation is LED lights, to be added within the next three weeks, in the front and back of the school in order to illuminate the parking areas. Lastly, there are security cameras in room 306 currently undergoing testing. “We are testing them to see whether they will be beneficial to us or not,” stated William Cassidy, IT Coordinator. The results of this testing will determine whether or not the cameras are to be added. These improvements are being drawn from consultation of a recently hired safety expert who took a walk through our school and made security recommendations.

These new features are in addition to a highly effective alarm system, the outdoor gates that don’t allow intruders in, and also the cameras that are already installed and monitored from the main office. President Heather Gossart says, “Don’t be reactive people, be proactive people.”  In fact, she says that preventative measures are taken in almost every decision, from the flower pots in front of the school to the disability accessible features. Believe it or not, the large concrete pots that hold flowers in front of the building are not just for aesthetic purposes — they actually act as a boundary between students and the cars, in the event that a car goes astray.

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