Recycling or Not?

AC Brown ’10
Staff Reporter

Why are all of the recycle bins used as trash cans? Don’t we have a way of disposing of bottles without throwing them in the trash? The answer to these questions lies in the reality that last year the company, Abitibi, collected our recyclables, but did not live up to their expectations.

“The company did not pick up the trash as often as promised,” said President Heather Gossart. Other things that lead to this was the fact that people kept dumping their recyclables into a recycle bin that was already filled.  Mice and other small animals started to appear around the school, and the company only picked up once a week instead of the necessary two to three times a week due to high gas prices.

Why are all the recycling bins being used for trash cans?

Victor Shin, Assistant Principal of student life, added “We just fell out of the pickup radius for the company.”

When we did not have a recycling company helping us with dumping, other people offered to dump the recycling instead. This effort did not pan out because these people would not follow through with the execution of actually dumping. This issue was a topic of discussion during the summer reconstruction, but it was decided that the school would wait until all the work was done to fully resolve this problem.

I asked about having a new company help us revive our recycling program and Mrs. Gossart said, “This time, we are ready.” She also talked about the school’s responsibility to recycle, saying “We need full support from everyone.”

Plans for next year’s return of our recycling programs are being lead by Mr. Shin. He hopes to have the program up and running by the beginning of the school year, instead of continuing to put it off. “I began talks early with government officials,” he said, when asked if the subject came up during summer reconstruction.  When we spoke, this issue seemed very important for him.  He wanted to resolve it as soon as possible.

One thing the school still needs is a dumpster for the new company, PG Waste Management.  This is so they have a location for the pickup of recyclables.

Other goals Mr. Shin looks forward to is the expansion of recycling materials — not just paper, but can and plastics. When asked who will be lead the recycling front, Mr. Shin said, “Project Earth and Student council would be spearheading the program.” When i talked to Mrs.Steeger, moderator of the Project Earth about plans next year she said, “Nothing has been really discussed yet.”

A.C. Brown

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